Transitions…A New Year

I spent a fast paced 48 hours this summer reading the newly released script of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on my Kindle.  While I will not spoil the plot for those among you who are fans, I have to say that reading the book, so long after the publication of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows in July of 2007, sparked a feeling of unease in me. What if the characters I had followed for years were now different? What if they had not “grown up” into the ideal people that they were heading out to be almost 10 years ago?  After all, I was a different person in 2007 and perhaps, changes in the world and in life would re-shape J.K. Rowling’s characters as well. As I pulled up the script on my Kindle, I had to ask myself “What if it’s not all I expect it to be?”

As a new school year begins here at Saint Dominic Academy, I wonder how many of you and your daughters are asking the same question in your minds and hearts. Transitions are hard; for that 7th or 9th grader who is saying goodbye to the safe world where she existed and coming to SDA for the first time. Transitions are also hard as 7th moves to 8th, 8th moves up to 9th,  9th moves into 10th and 10th heads to 11th; new teachers, new subjects and perhaps new friendships that bloom as the final year looms ahead, rising up in the forefront.  And, how to talk of difficult transitions without reflecting on our seniors; who will face this year the first major transition of their lives- the movement from high school to college, from child to young adult, from parents house to dorm room? Your daughters, whether they ask aloud or not must be wondering as we start this September if the year will meet all the expectations laid out before them: their own, yours for your child, and ours as a school.

It’s a lot to live up to; a challenge even harder than Rowling faced when she chose to “resurrect” some beloved characters for one final curtain call in 2016. (No spoilers, I promise).  But here at Saint Dominic Academy, we are all about rising above challenges, exceeding expectations, and ensuring that each young lady has the most engaging, intelligent and memorable experience while she walks these halls. I encourage your daughters, do not fear the transitions that wait ahead this year; face them with confidence and with the knowledge that as women of distinction, they can achieve anything.  The year may be different, it may bring the unexpected, but “anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve” (Rowling).

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