Gala: A Celebration of SDA

Merriam – Webster dictionary offers the following definition of Gala:  A festive celebration, especially a public entertainment marking a special occasion. That definition, as broad as it is, does not do full justice to the event planned for Saint Dominic Academy this coming Thursday evening. Our annual leadership Gala, held in a new venue this year: Il Villaggio, is of course going to be a festive celebration. How could it not be, as it will feature a Live and Silent Auction, a cocktail hour and full dinner, a performance by the Saint Dominic Academy Dominoes, and dancing to conclude the evening.  It is also going to be a highly special occasion, celebrating two of our wonderful alumnae as well as a generous corporate sponsor and friend of the SDA community.  Bayonne Community Bank will be recognized for its support of Saint Dominic Academy. Stephanie Barbi’ 64, will be honored for her loyal dedication to Saint Dominic Academy; her years of devoted service to the Alumnae Association speak for themselves. Maria Pompeo-Maffia ’79, will also be commemorated for her ongoing role at Saint Dominic Academy, as the coach of our internationally record breaking dance team. Indeed, just by this description alone, the 18th Annual Leadership Gala does fit the dictionary definition of Gala.

However, the night will be so much more than those brief words can encompass.  Alumnae will come together to reminisce about their time at Saint Dominic Academy and to raise their voices along with the Dominoes when the alma mater is performed. Friends and family will see these three honorees publicly recognized for their good works; works that at times have kept them away from the evening dinner table or Sunday brunch. Parents will celebrate the continued success of the school community.   Our Board of Trustees, school administration, and Department Chairpersons will be on hand to discuss the multi layered facets that compose the SDA of today for the students. And our students themselves, from our student speaker to our performers, to our Student Council executive board will be present to talk first -hand about how a Saint Dominic Academy education has shaped their lives for the better.

This is a night where Saint Dominic Academy truly shines; a night to cherish and remember for always. As this is my first Gala in my position as Head of School, I am very much looking forward to celebrating SDA’s vibrant past and exciting future. If you have not attended or supported the Gala in the past, after hearing all the wonderful stories that will sure to be told in the weeks following this event, I am hopeful that you will consider joining us in 2017 for our next Gala! To the many of you that I will see on Thursday night, I thank you for your continued support of Saint Dominic Academy and to those who support from afar, please lift your voices wherever you are and join us in the alma mater on November 10th.

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