Christmas Reflection #1

For the month of December, the Head of School’s Blog will be a series of reflections on the meaning of Christmas. All reflections have been composed by me in previous years during the Christmas season. It is my sincere hope that these reflections will bring tidings of comfort and joy to you and your loved ones throughout the month of December.


Holly leaves, waxy green with shining red jewels

Wrap themselves around trellises,

While snow white lights twinkle in the evening’s shadows

And beckon warmly from windows.

Mistletoe hovers in doorways,

Inviting kisses from those who cross under archways

And stockings dance on mantles,

Dangling empty, awaiting fulfillment.


Balsam trees grow in parlors,

Festooned with intricate ornaments,

Each containing its own Christmas memory,

Speaking secrets without words as it is hung on a branch.

Gleaming packages, festively adorned, sit waiting,

Containing tangible dreams and wishes for all.


Take a moment,

Look over, around, and behind the treasures,

So carefully purchased to make someone smile

And see the intangible gift…

Nestled beneath branches,

Sacred figures, frozen in positions

Over two thousand years old,

Offering homage to

The Christmas Story.


Celebrate this year, the Renaissance of Christ

His intangible gifts to us all,

His loving message for our lives

And remember your most treasured gifts,

The meaning you bring to the lives of others

And the meaning they bring to yours.




Originally written in 2008

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