Christmas Reflection #2

For the month of December, the Head of School’s Blog will be a series of reflections on the meaning of Christmas. All reflections have been composed by the Head of School in previous  years during the Christmas season. It is my sincere hope that these reflections will bring tidings of comfort and joy to you and your loved ones throughout the month of December.

One star,

Rising in the moonlit sky.

Hovering, beckoning,

A shining beacon…

Sending a signal to all

Three Magi…

Not confident kings

Merely scared explorers,

A daring venture…

To seek new wisdom

Far away from home,

Lost, disconnected, stranded

No comfort, no hope, no end in sight

Endless evenings stretching before them…

Endless days alone

Their journey harsh,

Their fears manifested at every turn,

Continuing to take the forks in the roads

No guidance sans a shining star…

And the feeling in their souls

The three travel far

Following the sparkling orb

Which leads them to


And God is with them forevermore

Embrace journeys,

Take roads not taken,

Accept loss, stumble and fall,

Fear neither the endless night nor the star lit sky…

Emmanuel is with you

HE is in you, in us

Feel Emmanuel in the hearts

Of all those encountered on the journey of your life

Their hearts touch yours with HIS love…

At Christmas, see HIM in everyone’s eyes.

Continue to seek HIM always…

In the hearts of all…

While HIS star shines…

You are never alone


Originally written in 2009.


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