Christmas Reflection #4

For the month of December, the Head of School’s Blog will be a series of reflections on the meaning of Christmas. All reflections have been composed by the Head of School in previous  years during the Christmas season. It is my sincere hope that these reflections will bring tidings of comfort and joy to you and your loved ones throughout the month of December.


A whirlwind of white

Downward spiraling amidst the glow of streetlights

Coating the trees

Enveloping the world in

The silence of snow.

Awakening in darkened rooms

To purplish skies

One can feel its presence

And hear its silence

Long before it is glimpsed through curtains

Its heaviness is tangible

Even before it is touched.

Its coating blankets the world

And speaks volumes of memories

Without saying  word.

So too, does the Light of the World

Quietly descend each Christmas Eve

HIS love tangible

Enveloping us in HIS spirit

Speaking volumes to our souls

Without saying a word.




Originally written in 2007

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