You’re Gonna Make It After All!

I will admit, I am a little young for The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I was born the year it went off the air.  But, as with so many things in life; thanks to syndication, DVD players, Netflix, Hulu and so on, I will admit to being a bit of a fan. I have not binge watched it (yet…think #summernightsgoals) but have seen enough of the show that I have a sense of what a groundbreaking and important show it was, for its time, for women, and even now, forty years after it has gone off the air, how important some of the show’s messages are.

So, short and sweet this week: here are the most important things I learned from Mary Tyler Moore and her show and it is my hope that these lessons will be shared with all of the wonderful women who encompass the SDA community; current students, alumnae, mothers, female faculty, staff and administration!

  1. You truly can turn the world on with a smile! Smiling instantly makes the day better for two people; you and the person you smile at. If you smile daily at everyone you meet, think about how many people’s days you are changing for the better! A smile truly can change the world around you.
  2. It is a CHOICE to be upbeat and positive! Every single day, we are all faced with that choice; to let the world and its worries and weights get us down, or to smile, and be positive! The world is ours and we should celebrate that every single day!
  3. Ladies, we can hold our own in any setting; newsroom, classroom, boardroom, whatever room we are placed in; we can own that room! The premise of the show had Mary interviewing for a secretarial position and instead becoming an associate producer of the 6:00pm news.  Why, because she owned the room she was in!
  4. Each of us has the potential to take a nothing day and make it all seem worthwhile!  How we do it is up to us and the ways we do it are as varied and as unique as each of us are. But, together, we can make every single day worthwhile, special and something to treasure forever!
  5. Don’t ever let someone tell you “ I hate spunk!” It’s the most important thing for us to have!  We should be spunky, be brave, be vocal about the causes we champion and the ideals which we believe in with all of our hearts!  We should stand up always for what we believe in and do it with a positive attitude and a smile gracing our faces!
  6. Finally, and most importantly, we need to keep throwing our hats in the air until the glass ceiling shatters above us! We are strong, we are empowered and ladies, we’re  gonna make it after all!

In Memory of Mary Tyler Moore 1936-2017

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  1. I’ll admit I saw The Mary Tyler Moore show as a series before the emergence of DVD’s and Netflix and I enjoyed it. Your4th lesson–take a nothing day and make it all seem worthwhile” sounds like a clarion call to live the Dominican charism–to praise, to bless, to preach. The way/s we choose to live that charism in our daily lives empowers us, through God’s grace, to make a difference right here and now. Not after we’ve reached certain academic or professional goals; but today. Blessings to all.

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