Happy Easter

Happy Easter to the entire Saint Dominic Academy community! Yesterday we celebrated the miracle of Christ’s resurrection! As we reflected on the sacrifices that Christ made for each of us, let us also call to mind the daily sacrifices we make for each other, as parents to our children, as educators for the students who sit before us, as alumnae who work to support their alma mater. Each of us is blessed daily by all the gifts we are given from God and each of us is a daily representation of God in the lives of others. As members of The Saint Dominic Academy community, let us rejoice in this season of Easter and continue to celebrate the joys that God’s love brings to each of our lives.

Each member of the SDA community is a gift from God to us and each of you will be kept in our daily prayers all throughout the Easter season and the spring.  We celebrate our new life in Christ, the joys of spring, and the many blessings each member of our family brings to SDA this year.

I wish you and your family a Happy Easter, a warm and rejuvenating spring, and all the warmth and love that blossoms during this time of year.


Sarah Degnan

Head of School

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