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As some of you may know, in addition to my position as Head of School at Saint Dominic Academy, I also hold another title which is almost as special to me. I am Kindergarten Class Mom at All Saints Catholic Academy. I’ve been the class mom for Abigail’s class since she started at ASCA in Pre-K Three. If you’ve never been a Class Parent or a room volunteer in an elementary school,  I am here to say it is a great experience.  Coming up with creative Halloween treats, wrapping Christmas gifts for “ Cookies with Santa”, filling eggs for “Breakfast with the Easter Bunny”, and for the past two years, working in tandem with the other class mom to coordinate the graduation ceremony- I know that as Abigail gets older and is less interested in having me pop in and out of her school , the memories of these days, when her face lit up when I walked into the classroom, will be a gift I will treasure always.

As a working mother, I will admit it is a sacrifice at times to volunteer.  Most of the work that goes into my role as Class Mom is done in the late hours of the evening or the wee hours of the morning. At times, it is one more errand to run before I get home from work, or one more binge worthy TV program I do not see because I am writing reminder letters.  And knowing all that, I must say, I am in constant awe of the members of the Saint Dominic Academy Parent Association.  For, when I look at how much work goes into being a volunteer in the kindergarten, I have to multiply it by tenfold to fully appreciate how much work our volunteers here do!

This year, the Parent Association hit the ground running with the Welcome Back To School event, and did not pause for a breath all year. They coordinated the Calendar Raffle, they planned and organized the Communion Brunch,  they launched a Parent Facebook Page, and they added our new and hugely successful event – Designer Bag Bingo!  They held meetings, with me, with each other, in person and on the phone after their own long days at work. And the energy that they brought to the job was monumental; never once was there a hesitation, a question about whether or not they could achieve the desired goal.  This group set goals in July and now in May, have met and exceeded every single one.

For years, Catholic education has relied in part on the volunteers within the school who are willing to give back; to join a committee, to organize a fundraiser, to coordinate an event for students and without these volunteers in place, how could any school truly run well?  Parents are an essential part of the Catholic school community; it has always been that way and it will never change. It is our Parent Association who helps those who lead read the pulse of the school and who help to keep energy and excitement for school activities at high levels throughout the entire year.  

And so, as the end of the school year is always a time for heartfelt thanks, today I want to express my thanks, my gratitude and my appreciation for those members of the Saint Dominic Academy Parent Association this year.  They are as follows:


 President- Jennifer Bailey  Board Member- Maria Sasso
 VP/Secretary- Lori LoCascio  Raffle Coordinator- Mary Dowden
 Treasurer- Stacey Swope  Social Media Coordinator- Peggie Marano


 Communion Brunch Chairs:  Back to School Chairs:
 Kelly Lekic/ Cathy Sabia  Eileen and Chris Gill


 Designer Bag Volunteers:
 Lisa DeBari/ Gigi Diaz/ Janine Colletti/ Laura Herrera

I thank each of you for a wonderful year and from one parent volunteer to another, I hope you know how very much you are appreciated and valued by all of us here at Saint Dominic Academy!

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