SDA’s Nominee for Teacher of The Year!

Early in June, I received paperwork from the New Jersey Chapter of the Council for America Private Education, asking me for my nomination for Nonpublic School Teacher of the Year. The criteria, according to NJ CAPE was as follows:

An exceptional dedicated, knowledgeable, and skilled teacher.  Able to inspire students of all backgrounds and all abilities to learn.  Have the respect and admiration of students, parents, and colleagues. Be poised, and articulate.

Today, I would like to use this blog as an opportunity to introduce you to Saint Dominic Academy’s nominee for Nonpublic School Teacher of the Year.   Immersed in the teaching profession since 1974, our candidate holds a B.A. from Rowan University, dual M.A.’s from William Paterson and Montclair State, and a Doctorate from Seton Hall University.   He received an award from the Thomas  Jefferson Foundation in 2002 and was named Sussex County Teacher of the year.   Since 1995, he has served as President of the Hampton Township Board of Education and also serves as an executive board member of the Sussex County Historical Society.

A member of the New Jersey Historical Society as well, he was also a two time Jeopardy champion in 1992. At Saint Dominic Academy, where he has worked since 2011, he currently chairs the English and History Departments, serves as Internal Coordinator for Middle States, and this year, taught four AP level classes.  Doctor Joseph Santora, or “Doc” as the students affectionately call him, is a gifted educator, one who believes that success comes with offering a high level of academic performance.  When I asked Doc to briefly surmise his philosophy of education, he shared the insight that All students, regardless of initial skills, can perform at a high level of achievement. I believe in offering students a challenging experience that is both rigorous and relevant to their daily lives.

And he does that daily, in AP History, in AP Government, in U.S. History II Honors, and as the leader of our English and History Departments.   As I stated to the nominating committee, I know I can rely on Doc to give 110% at all times. He is innovative, creative and dedicated to both the study of history and the ideals of Saint Dominic Academy.  My nomination was sent and I know you all join me in wishing Doctor Santora good luck and best wishes. Stay tuned in October to learn if he is named the NJ CAPE teacher of the year!  


  1. He is an exceptional teacher and was gift to have as a teacher for our daughter Elizabeth.He inspired her LOVE of history for which she just travelled on a fullbright scholarship to Bristol,UK. Good Luck to Doc-already a teacher of the year in our eyes. <3

  2. Way to go Doc! As a former Nonpublic School Teacher of the Year (2006), I know you are a fantastic candidate for this honor. You are a great teacher, colleague and friend.

    Joe Napoli

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