“Face” Lifting at SDA

With my 40th birthday less than 10 days away, I have become the “go to” person about skin cream, sun protection, water to stay hydrated, hand lotion, and the like.  Perhaps many of us women cannot help it; when we wake up and 40 is staring us in the face, we suddenly appreciate how young we truly looked at 25 or 30.  And, no matter how many people tell me that “life begins at 40”, I am still stockpiling Oil of Olay every time it’s on sale. I am smart enough to realize in my mind that when I look back later in life what I will remember most is how much I enjoyed this time, not how stressed I was over one eye wrinkle or the first strand of grey year. Time does move quickly (as evidenced by the fact that my “little” daughter is going to be SIX…talk about time flying!), and although I joke often these days about dreading turning 40, I know it is, like every other birthday, a time of celebration and of giving thanks for another successful and happy year! That’s the positive mindset I am working to keep in the forefront this July.  After all, I am determined to age gracefully, and with a smile all the time!

Walking through the halls of SDA these days is what made me think of both face-lifting and graceful aging. For there is no doubt that the school is getting a bit of a face lift this summer; fresh paint in classrooms, new floors in the front hall, a new look in ELAN for both floors and walls and, very exciting-  air conditioning in ELAN thanks to the effort of a two year fundraising drive from our SDA Parent Association.

Even our beloved Madonna Hall is being touched up ever so slightly; cleaned, re-stuffed cushions, re-hung drapes. ( And a big thank you to Kathy Barnitt for helping to make that happen!)  Once that is all finished, on the outside,  SDA will still be the same beautiful building it has been for decades; a grand dowager of a school, sitting on her tree lined corner and waiting to welcome her “daughters” back in September of 2017.  It is only  the few of us who are here on the inside,  who see how much work it takes to maintain our beloved SDA, to keep her up to date, looking stunning and serving as a welcoming beacon both for current students and our beloved alumnae, should they have time to stop “home” to visit.

What we do here during the summer; our “face lifting” of SDA as it were, could not be possible without the support of all who give so generously to the Saint Dominic Academy Annual Fund.   Every single gift made to the Annual Fund is a testament to those who love this beloved school and who want to help move it forward into the future.  As I celebrate this month, not only the (dreaded) 4-0 but also the conclusion of my first year as Head of School and the start of what I hope will be an even more exciting and eventful second year, I would be most remiss not to use this weekly space to say THANK YOU!

Our generous donors, alumnae, parents, and friends of SDA, I thank you from the entire current SDA Family for your gifts to our Annual Fund this year. You are helping to shape the lives of future generations of empowered women- ones who will embrace each monumental event in their own lives, confident that they are successful, strong, and spirited young ladies of Saint Dominic Academy!

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