New Beginnings 2017

Sitting at the shore during my time away, I watched the sunsets almost every night.  Sometimes alone, sometimes with family and/or friends, but I did my best daily to stop and take a few moments as day turned to dusk to just sit, stare and gain a sense of perspective and peace.  For, with each passing sunset, I knew in my heart that summer was one day closer to ending and school was one less sunrise away.  For many of us who work in education or who have children in school, we know that our “new” year each year does not begin on January 1st, but rather on a Tuesday in September, the day after Labor Day, when a new school year kicks off.

This year is no different for me; my new year, my 2nd as Head of School will truly get under way on September 5th.  For the parents of our beloved SDA students, that new year for you and your daughters begins that same week. Whether they are joining us as 7th graders, 8th graders, 9th graders or transfers, or whether they are returning for another year with us, I know each young lady has a sense of both excitement and disquiet at what the next 10 months holds for them.  Parents, I imagine you have that same sense; although you’ve been sending your daughters’ to school much longer than I have been doing it. ( I have a 1st grader heading off on September 6th and I am not sure who is more nervous, she or I!)  You are excited for all the events and experiences that the new year will have to offer and at the same time, are nervous for those unexpected challenges that may and often do spring up, catching each of us off guard at one point or another.

And so, what can we do, you and I together, as summer draws to a close for another year?  Well, we can have faith in each other; you can know in your mind and heart that when your daughter walks into SDA this September, she will be treated with respect, compassion and understanding. She will learn to lead, she will learn to make a difference in the world.  You are entrusting me, as Head of School and all members of the SDA community with your greatest gift and we will do our best daily to make her year a wonderful one.  You can reach out, at any time, to me, to the administration, to the teachers if you have question or a concern or just want to touch base about the progression of the year. We are here for both parents and students and I hope to get to know each of you even better this year.

Most importantly, the one thing we can do to prepare for this upcoming school year and ensure its success is to pray.  And what better time to do it, (for me anyway), then at the close of each day?   I will try my best, even with the hustle and bustle of the school year, both mine and Abigail’s, to take a moment each day to stop, look, and gain a fresh perspective on all that tomorrow will offer the both of us. I encourage you and your daughters to do the same.  For, if we reflect daily on the beauty and wonder of God all around us, our days will be filled with a sense of peace, of faith and of love.

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

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