Hocus Pocus…Let’s All Focus!

I don’t know about you, but for me October has been a month of spooky good fun! I’ve been twilight pumpkin picking, to Six Flags Fright Fest (for the kid activities only; I am not on board with being chased by zombies), October camping, Sesame Place for The Count’s Halloween Spooktacular, and of course, Abby and I spent a quick and magical mother daughter weekend in our favorite place at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! All this, and Halloween is not until tomorrow! Abby has had several costume changes over the  month; from Tinkerbell, to Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas and for tomorrow, her “dream” costume; the one she has been excited about since the middle of July when she first saw it advertised…Sarah Sanderson from Hocus Pocus.  And while I can say hands down that my time in Disney was my favorite Halloween activity, I am looking forward to taking her trick or treating tomorrow and then sitting down to eat candy and watch Hocus Pocus with her. (There’s a marathon on Freeform, but Abby watches it all year round!)

And then, it will happen…this quick change that throws off more people than daylight savings time does.  For just as Mary Sanderson will utter the onscreen words “I smell children”, I can hear myself saying “ I smell peppermint mocha, evergreen, and holly!”  And faster than you can say Hocus Pocus, not only will Halloween be over, but fall itself with all its beauty and its calendar life really running to December 21st, will be swept under the rug along with the fake cobwebs that decorate gates and doors. Maybe you might see one or two Thanksgiving themed decorations in stores, but entire aisles will be cleared of Halloween candy and stuffed with wrapping paper, bows, tape, and ribbon almost overnight.

That’s a shame; it truly is.  November is a beautiful month in and of itself; truly the “sweater weather” time of year.  The trees are still colorful, the leaves still crunchy on the ground, and the weather is still truly fall; a time of harvest, a time of celebration and a time to be thankful.  And while I love Christmas, and, if I am being honest, will tell you that my tree will be up the day after Thanksgiving,  it does not mean that I am going to just ignore November and expand the Christmas season so that it runs from November 1st to January 1st.  

So today, on this day before All Hallow’s Eve, let me wave my magic Head of School wand and cast a tiny spell over the members of the SDA family; students, parents, alumnae, faculty, staff and friends. Close your eyes while I say…

Hocus Pocus…Let’s all focus:


  • On the beauty of November.
  • On the upcoming Thanksgiving celebration of family.
  • On all we have to be THANKFUL for this year.


All throughout November, I will be keeping track of what I am thankful for, each and every day.  Many people do this very same thing via social media, it’s one of the nicest things about Facebook and Twitter in November, people are being happy and positive.  And I invite each of you to do the same; to take five minutes at the start of a new day or at the end of a long and tiring one, and just think about what you are thankful for and how being thankful can truly bring you closer to God.

After all, that’s the magic of November…the ongoing prayer of Thanksgiving between each of us and God.

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