November Prayer #3

The magic of November…the ongoing prayer of Thanksgiving between each of us and God.


For the month of November, I encourage those who read this weekly blog to find here a prayer of Thanksgiving- reminding us that each day, not just Thanksgiving Day, is a day to celebrate all we have to be thankful for in life. Please pray with Saint Dominic Academy all November long.


Lord God, as Thanksgiving approaches this week,

We ask for Your blessings on family and friends.

We ask for Your blessings on our homes, our schools, and our world.

We thank You for this time we spend together,

And we keep in our hearts all those who are not with family on Thanksgiving.

While we celebrate the joys of Thanksgiving,

We continually stay mindful of the sorrows in the world.

We pray for peace in our hearts.

We pray for peace in the world.

Help us to know always that Your love is constant

So that w may share in Your glory.


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