The Hills Were Alive…AT SDA!

This past weekend, it was my pleasure to welcome parents, donors, alumnae and friends to Saint Dominic Academy’s production of The Sound of Music.  This breathtaking show, which began its journey here at SDA in June of 2017 and has continued until late Saturday evening, was full of talented and heart stopping young men and women. The ladies of Saint Dominic Academy, together with students from Saint Peter’s Prep, Hudson Catholic High School, Eastern Christian Academy and All Saints Catholic Academy as well as faculty members from Saint Dominic Academy worked tirelessly, after school, evenings and weekends, to perfect the performances that were held over the weekend.

I am certain it is a story most of our audience knew very well; a heartbroken father finding new love after the loss of a mother, a young woman searching for her place in life, and a brave family facing the Nazi takeover of Austria in the days preceding World War II. The emotions in this show are as wide ranging as the ages that were seen on the stage, from the tiniest Von Trapp child to the most decorated Nazi Officer. The cast and crew’s dedication to the performance had the power to transport viewers to Austria before it fell to Germany,  to lighten their souls with the songs “your heart wants to sing…” and to celebrate the joy that is family as we moved into December and the Christmas season.

What was interesting for me to share with our young students in the cast, some of whom were not aware, was that the story of the Von Trapp Family was a true one; the story of an empowered woman who embraced the twists and turns of her life, until it took her to where she belonged; as the wife of Captain Von Trapp and stepmother to his seven children and later, two of their own.  

Maria Von Trapp, who worked to keep her family together, both as they left Austria and then again in Switzerland and finally in Stowe, Vermont, may not have always been as cheerful and happy as our own Maria, but she did survive, thrive, and bring her family to success.  She was a leader, in a society that was falling under a dangerous regime. She was a brave and protective mother, putting the safety her stepchildren and children before her own at all times.

In short, she was the very portrait of a Saint Dominic Academy girl; empowered, spiritual, and dedicated to doing the right thing.

It was an honor for all of us at Saint Dominic Academy to tell her story and the story of her family!  My sincere thanks and love to the cast, crew, Director and supporters of The Sound of Music.


  1. I was there with my granddaughter and we both had a wonderful evening, from the welcoming reception to the end of the musical.

  2. As an alumna I am proud of the performances of the actors! The story of Maria, a brave, strong young woman willing to take risks and protect the family she gains is a perfect story for our time. Keep up your strength SDA women! Thank you for a wonderful evening for me, and for my daughter. With Much Love,
    Margaret Horsfield Burt ’90

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