Reflections From the Father Daughter Dance

This past Friday night, I had the chance to speak with the young ladies of Saint Dominic Academy and their fathers at our annual Father Daughter Dance.  It is one of my favorite events at SDA, because I get to bring a date- my father, Joseph Degnan.   He and I are always so happy to attend; to have a chance to have some time to spend together as father and daughter.  

At the start of the evening, I was given the chance to talk for a few minutes and I shared with the guests few brief snippets of my adult life with my dad. Every morning, from Monday to Friday, I hear the beep of my text messaging at 6:50am.  It’s my father; telling me the weather ( it’s icy, it’s breezy, it’s warm). This is not because I don’t have windows in my home, it’s because he tries to help me prepare for my day. Sometimes, when I come outside in the winter, my car is warmed up for me.  When I work late, he waits by his window (my parents live across the street) and walks me to the door so I am safe.

He checks my smoke detector batteries. Every Monday night, he beats me to taking out recycling and every Tuesday he beats me to taking out garbage. He put up my Christmas tree! If I put laundry in my washing machine in the am, by the time I get home from work it’s in the dryer. He reminds me to do my taxes. He reminds me to get my oil changed; in fact he takes the car for me to get it done.

Just a few weeks ago, I had to buy a car- I took care of it on my own, except of course he came to the dealership to make sure it was a good car before I took it off the lot. In the summer, I got a chance to buy Hamilton tickets while I was away on vacation. He lent me his credit card to snatch them up. (Of course, I paid him back ASAP! Cannot wait to go with Abby in August!) He drives Abby to school, he picks her up, and he never forgets to have her beloved Woody doll in the car!

This is life with my dad- a life full of daily and weekly support that I have to honestly admit unless I stop to think about it, I may take for granted at times.

And I said to the young women the night of the dance…We all take it for granted ladies, because our fathers have been supporting us since the moment we took our first breath in the world. They are our quiet care takers, the ones that help us grow up to be strong women.

For me, I would be lost without my dad’s daily presence in my life. He is the backbone that allows me to be the woman I am; the woman I hope inspires many of the young ladies I see every day at Saint Dominic Academy.  My father is truly a wonderful man .  And your fathers are truly wonderful m en.   They support you in a million different ways every single day- in ways you probably never even notice. I want to thank every father and father figure for all of the support you give these young women every single day.  And I want to thank my father for all he has done for me and for all he continues to do for me every day.

We are lucky women to be supported by such wonderful men!

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  1. My husband and daughter both came home and told me about your speech at the beginning of the dance. Very touching indeed. They (dads)are the power caretakers behind the scene that are taken for granted.
    My father passed away when I was only 9. I never went to a father daughter event with him…I didn’t get to have him give me away at my wedding.
    All of these father daughter moments should be cherished.They’re a blessing:)

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