A few weeks ago, I took Abigail to Great Wolf Lodge for an overnight. We have been there more than a few times, but this time when I checked in, I got a huge surprise. We had been selected for a complimentary upgrade, to the largest suite in the resort. Two bedrooms, a hot tub, a fireplace, a living room- it was wonderful and the extra space was especially great since I had my cousin and her two little daughters with me. The five of us really enjoyed an upscale girls weekend as a result of this unexpected upgrade.

While I was driving home, I started thinking about upgrades and how when they come unexpectedly, really do make the day or the weekend that much more happy and exciting. This is only the 2nd upgrade I have gotten in my life. (The first was when Abby and I got moved to First Class on a flight to…where else? Disney. However, flying First Class with a 3 year old is pretty much the same as flying coach…except they have more room to squirm!) And yet, I raved about this hotel suite the entire rest of the weekend- it truly made my day. The more I started thinking about upgrades and the joys they bring to people’s days, it made me realize that the entire Saint Dominic Academy experience is a daily upgrade for every student who comes through the doors.

The opportunities we offer daily; small class sizes, nine athletic teams, a glee club that is comprised of a 1/3 of the school, musical and dramatic performances, 8 AP classes, a four year STEM program from grades 7-10, are wonderful upgrades that our students may not have the opportunity to experience at other schools.  And then, our special perks, which include trips to Europe, performing for the Pope and at Carnegie Hall, Trip Day, Disney YES Experience, Saturday Seminars, the Dartmouth Invitational, the Disney Invitational, a nationally ranked Dance Team, Siena Honors workshops, overnight and day retreats, individual trips for classes and grades, 3 formal dances, Domination…the list can go on and on. Talk about upgrades- when you become a student at SDA, you learn far more than just what is in between the pages of textbooks. You are constantly being exposed to new opportunities, new ideas, and varied experiences that not only enhance your high school life, but influence your future as well.

It is my hope that every young lady at Saint Dominic Academy truly takes full advantage of all the upgrades and perks we offer in conjunction with our stellar academic program. There is no doubt in my mind that we are the premier school for young women; have been since 1878 and will be far into the future!

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