Remarks from the 19th Annual Gala

This past weekend, Saint Dominic Academy host their 19th Annual Gala.  Today, I would like to share briefly with you my opening remarks at that event…

Welcome to Saint Dominic Academy’s 19th Annual Leadership Gala.  As Head of School at Saint Dominic Academy it is my pleasure to celebrate with you this evening, as we honor distinguished alumnae and friends of Saint Dominic Academy.

As I have said often in by weekly blog posts, I am a big believer in tradition. Tradition is something everyone in the room is familiar with and all of you tonight are very lucky to be connected to a school that is so steeped in Dominican tradition and Dominican excellence.

Tonight, we are gathered together to honor devoted alumna, Cathy Carnevale as well as proud past parents and current Board of Trustee member; George and Carol Taite. As we honor them here tonight, I would like us to briefly pause for a moment to honor everyone in this room-

Each and every one of you are a gift to Saint Dominic Academy and through your generosity this evening, you will work to ensure that our school will have lasting impact on the lives of girls, just as it has since 1878.  You presence here tonight also ensures that the school’s tradition of excellence in education will carry far into the future

Anyone who knows me, know there are three very important reasons that make me so very happy to be a part of Saint Dominic Academy.

I believe in Catholic education.

I believe in girls.  

And I believe that it is in all girls schools where young women can truly become empowered to lead and to change society for the better.   

Tonight, let us celebrate the generations of women from Saint Dominic Academy, 1878 to the present who have left their impact upon so many others. Let us come together to ensure that we can continue to work to impact the lives of many future generations of students.  Thank you so much for being here and I sincerely wish all of you a most enjoyable evening.

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