A World Without Creativity? Perish the Thought!

This year, the theme of the Saint Dominic Academy literary magazine, ELAN, poses the question What would the world be like without creativity? I was asked to prepare a written response to be included in the magazine and was quite honored and flattered to be included. The question is an intriguing one- for if we look around at our homes, our desks, our children’s toy boxes, television, music, the internet…we are bombarded with what has been created! No invention, no song, no show, nothing would be the same if it was not for the creative ideas of a person or group of people. All aspects of our lives, from technology to medicine, from sitcoms to must see landmarks, have all been fostered by creativity. We need only to look to the words in the Bible…7 Days of Creation…to understand that without creativity, our very world would not exist. It does not state that God invented the world or brought forth the word…no…He created the world and all its beauty. God is creativity in its purest form.

What  indeed would our world look like? A few short examples…

The cell phone would not be in your hand.

The world would not be at your virtual fingertips via the internet.

There would be no:

Yellow Brick Road or Over the Rainbow

Galaxy Far, Far Away

Jurassic Park

There would be no answer to “Who ya gonna call?”

Baby would remain in her corner

No platform 9 & ¾

No Hogwarts

No Anna and Elsa

No One Ring To Rule Them All in the land of Mordor

No Stairway to Heaven

No Walking Dead, Avatar, Game of Thrones or 13 Reasons Why

No raft ride down the Mississippi, no awakening after the kiss of a Prince

The list is endless…the mind boggles…without creativity we would no longer be ourselves.

Keep writing ladies…we need more creativity in our world each and every day.

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