Casting Complete…The King and I at SDA!

It’s been a theatrical summer for this Head of School. I saw Escape to Margaritaville in June, Pretty Woman- The Musical in July (which I highly recommend) and in just two days, I head off with my little one to see Hamilton! I’ve been waiting a full year to see this and am quite excited. In addition, my daughter has been hard at work all summer long- she is playing Aunt Sponge in James and the Giant Peach, Jr. I am, of course, over the moon excited to see her onstage doing what she loves the first weekend in August.

Here too at Saint Dominic Academy, our drama director Ms. Stephanie DeSarle is getting quite excited…she spent July casting the female roles in our production of The King and I and this year, is partnering with our experienced dance coach Marie Pompeo-Maffia in order to stage what is sure to be our most elaborate production yet. The curtain rises on November 30 and December 1st, and more information about tickets and the pre-show receptions will be coming in the fall. Also being announced in the fall are the names of our King of Siam and Lun Tha as well as some younger faces who will join us and play the royal princes and princesses. ( We are rounding up some “future” SDA girls for these adorable parts!) For now, it is my extreme pleasure to share with you, the Saint Dominic Academy Cast List for The King and I.


Anna Leonowens Julia Rinaldi
Lady Thiang Rachel Perrie
Tuptim Valentyna Simon
The King of Siam TBD
The Kralahome Reagan Mattiello
Lun Tha TBD
Louis(a) Leonowens Abigail Degnan
Prince Chululong Korn Gabby Beredo
Captain Orton Caitlin Aristizabal
The Interpreter Alison Mah
Phra Alack Caitlin Aristizabal
Sir Edward Ramsey Jessica Stanley
Princess Ying Yaowlak Veronica Dominguez
Royal Wives Led by:

Alyssa Fuentes


Téa Baramidze

Liv Lekovish

Christis Shepard

Ensemble (Cross Cast)

Royal Dancers Aisha Adeboye and SDA’s Dance Team
Royal Princes and Princesses SDA Family/TBA
Buddhist Priests, Amazons Ensemble (Cross Cast)

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