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Happy Fall! We are a month into what will truly be a wonderful 140th Anniversary Year at Saint Dominic Academy! This year, as we prepare to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the school, the 20th anniversary of our Leadership Gala and most special to our faculty, the 40th anniversary of Mr. Joe Napoli’s dedication to education here at SDA, I wanted our theme for the school year to embrace the idea that work should not only be a place where we are productive and content, but a place where we come together with teachers and students, parents and administrators and find ourselves, at different moments on varying days, being truly happy.

I recognize that there are some days here at SDA where it is very easy for us to come together and be truly happy as a team—December 14, when we break for Christmas is one of those days for certain, this year the culmination of our Middle States Visit on October 18th will be another one for sure. However, what about all the other days…the rainy Mondays, the snowy Thursday afternoons, the randomly hot and humid day in early May where we each long to be at the beach instead of the blackboard? How can I, as Head of School and each of you as loyal members of the Saint Dominic Academy community work to find happiness on those tough days?

The answer is simple, it’s sweet, and of course knowing me it should come as no surprise that it comes from a Disney film. Our theme for this year, one that I ask you to embrace with your heart, mind and soul is


You must find happiness where you are! ~ Moana


And so, I challenge each of you to, once a week, jot down a pink thought filled with happiness…. Each one of us has chosen to spend the upcoming school year together, with each other at Saint Dominic Academy. And so, let us go into the school year finding the happiness that comes from that choice, the happiness that comes from knowing we are shaping the future for young women, and the happiness that lights up within each of us as we work together to make our school the best place it can possibly be.

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