Believe…If Only For A Moment

It’s December…the most magical month of the year. For all of us who can look back fondly on childhood memories of Christmases past, this time of year can call up memories of those days long ago, when we heard sleigh bells flying over rooftops, and reindeer hooves, and when milk and cookies were left out for, as my daughter has begun calling him just this year “the big man in red!” ( I think my dad taught her that phrase.) And what if we could all have a night, perhaps not as unsettling as Scrooge’s was, but a night when we were visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past, who would hold our hand and walk us down the candy cane lane of the Christmases of our childhood, where we could see ourselves opening our hearts desire when we were six and gathering hugs from beloved grandparents when we were eight, and curling up on our parents laps when we were two and just beginning to understand what Christmas was all about. How wonderful it would be to have an evening when we could recapture those long ago Christmas memories in all their glory and truly believe, just one more time, in Santa and in Rudolph and in all the childhood magic and wonder of Christmas.

Perhaps we can…if only for a moment. It’s challenging, I know…but it’s not impossible. It can be done in a few small but wonderful ways each Christmas season. We, as adults just have to seek out a bit of that childhood wonder and truly let it fill our hearts with the ability to believe wholeheartedly as we once did when we were small. Now, it’s not easy, because to truly believe means to give into the suspension of reality, to allow ourselves to let go of our disbelief, if only for a moment. Yes, yes, we KNOW that we buy the gifts, that we fill the stockings, that the chimney is not a passage for Jolly Old Saint Nicholas…but what if it was…just imagine…for a moment…what would that be like? How warm would your heart be, how happy would this month of December be, if you let yourself believe, truly believe in all the wonder and magic you believed in as a child, if only for a few moments?

I have to tell you; I did, on Thanksgiving Day…and I have felt happy and joyful ever since. I let my disbelief go, for just one moment…and went and saw Santa Claus through my little one’s eyes. I put away what I KNEW to be true and just let myself BELIEVE, for just one moment. And I have to tell you, it was pure magic…the kind that brought tears to my eyes and a flutter to my heart. For in December, if we all let our hearts feel the magic of Christmas the way our children feel it and if we see all the beauty and wonder of Christmas the way our children see it, then we are truly seeing the spirit of Christmas all around us.

And, to see the true spirit of Christmas, through the beauty and wonder of a child’s eyes, is, in my humble opinion, to see the love of God. And, that’s what the Christmas season is all about.

Happy December, everyone. Believe, believe, believe!

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