To The Theater Going Public…

As this year’s Drama class can tell you, that’s how Broadway legend George M. Cohan started his letters to his audiences. And this week, why should I start my blog any differently? My friends, I assure you, if you join us on February 1st and 2nd in ELAN for our production of The King and I you will be amazed and astonished. Ms. DeSarle and I are so pleased to be able to put before you some of the most talented young men and women we have ever worked with during our time as theater teachers.

We have on our newly expanded stage this weekend (and a BIG THANK YOU to our Parent Association for that gift!) students who have performed onstage at Radio City Music Hall. We have students who will sing at Carnegie Hall later in the year. We have those who have just completed work on a feature film production, those who are heading off to college to pursue a career in musical theater and those who have just joined the Saint Dominic Academy family, straight from the National Tour of a Broadway musical. Indeed some of our tiniest performers tonight also have impressive resumes; with more than two or three performances under their teeny belts as well. This cast could truly rival any cast performing across the Hudson tonight, of that I have no doubt.

The cast is only as good as the story it is given to tell, and our story this year is timeless. My counterpart and I had quite a few “animated” discussions about staging during the course of the production…most especially about the “Shall We Dance” scene and I hope that the end result is enjoyable for all who see our show.  We “beg to put before you” just a few short days before Valentine’s Day, a love story not just about couples that due to Siamese rules and culture cannot be together or due to East / West boundaries may never quite find the words to express all they truly feel for each other, but rather the love that grows between the bonds created when wisdom is shared.

For when a teacher imparts knowledge, not just about reading and writing, but about ways in which to see the world differently and how to question old ways of thinking and look for new approaches and fresh innovative ideas…then the love between a teacher and a pupil, whether that pupil is the King of Siam or the Crown Prince, is the type of love that will foster a lifetime of learning.

And so, it is my hope that you will enjoy “getting to know” our talented young performers and that you will follow the link below to purchase tickets to come see The King and I at Saint Dominic Academy this weekend. The curtain rises at 7:00pm each night and I look forward to seeing you there!

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