Remarks from the Father Daughter Dance…

As February begins, I wanted to share with you the words I shared with our young ladies and their fathers at the 37th Annual Father- Daughter Dance, which was held on January 25th. At this time, I want to thank our chair Joe Anderson and his daughter, senior Meghan Anderson for making the evening so wonderful. My dad and I had, as always, an excellent time together! And so…here is the advice I offered our young ladies…about dating!

Good evening everyone…it is my pleasure and honor tonight to welcome you all to the Father Daughter Dance. For the past few years, as long as I have been at Saint Dominic Academy, my father and I have attended this dance and it is one of my favorite events here at SDA. I know I usually get up here and entertain all of you dads by sharing with you all the ways in which my dad helps me out…many of the same ways each of you helps your daughter out daily…but this year, I want to take just a few moments to talk to the young ladies about something else. So dads, if you can bear with me…it’s a touchy subject I know for dads and daughters, even when the daughters are as old as I am, right dad?…I want to talk for just a few minutes about…DATING!

There’s that word girls, the one you probably dread uttering in front of the guy sitting next to you right now, am I right? I know I did when I was your age. I’d make my mom tell my dad when I was going on a date! It’s hard to tell your dad you’re dating someone…hard to let him know that there’s this other guy around who might, just might, capture a little bit of the heart that has always belonged to your father. It’s hard for us to say and I am sure, it’s hard for dads to hear…that’s why I used to have my mom do it for me! But I got older and I grew up, and I’ll admit it…my heart got hurt…more than once…and when that happened I needed my mom of course, but I needed my dad too…just like each of you will need your dads when that day comes for you. And ladies, it will come, because it always does.

But, with age comes wisdom and with years of dating experience comes LOTS of wisdom…and I got wise, and got out of the dating game for a good long while. So, for a long time, as an adult, I was in the seat that you are in right now…my dad was my “go to” date for everything. At weddings I danced with my dad, I had dinner with my parents on weekends, etcetera, etcetera…and that was good. It was what I needed, what all of us ladies need at times, a step back, to pause and reflect and to take stock. And so I did that…for a very long time. And someday girls…you might have to do that too…and when that time comes for you, I want you to take a very close look at the guy sitting next to you right now.

Because, the man sitting next to you right now, is …without a doubt…the most PERFECT guy you will ever know! No guy on earth loves you more than your dad/your father figure. No man cares about your well being more, no man will put you first time and time and time again like the man sitting next to you right now. Nobody will ever, ever make you feel special as your father can. It’s the truth…I’ve had 41 years to gain that insight and I know I am 100% correct on this. And what I have learned is this… when the time comes for you to pick the “right guy”, the so called, man of your dreams…you need to find one that reminds you of that man you brought here tonight.

Trust me…it took me such a long time to learn this lesson. I will be totally honest with you, I learned it less than a year ago. But I am so glad I did and I am so glad I gained that knowledge and can pass it along to each of you this event. So, before I ask my dad to join me on the dance floor…I want to tell you this and I want you to remember it always…long after you forget everything else I have said to you as Head of School. If you cannot utter the following sentence about the man you love…then he’s not the one. “You remind me of my father!” What I wish for all of you is that as you grow up and grow wise like I have, you are able to say that. And what I hope you do, when you are finally able to say it…is thank your father, for always being the perfect guy! Thank you Dad…I love you!

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