Ash Wednesday Reflections…

This coming Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, the start of our Lenten Season. It marks the first of forty days, where we dedicate ourselves to prayer and reflection. As we ready our hearts and souls for the celebration of Easter in April, let us start our Lenten season by committing ourselves to re-focus and reflect on the truths in our lives. It is important that we dedicate a daily portion of this 40 day period to self examination, contemplation and reflection on God’s grace and His infinite mercy and to how we can reach out to those in need of comfort and hope and be for them, a Christ like image in their lives.

As March enters in like a lion- winds blowing, cold temperatures, still full of grey winter skies, barren trees, and frost covered ground, so too do our hearts and minds still carry that “winter weight”, holding us down, causing us at times to shrug our shoulders against the obstacles in our own little worlds, instead of reaching out to embrace change and grow to become better persons. The month of March truly reflects the changes that should take place within our hearts during the Lenten season; for as we reflect on God’s grace, our spirits should become less burdened, less weighted down and instead begin to fill with light, joy and hope as Easter draws closer. So too does our environment change, the light grows softer, the breezes grow warmer, and suddenly on one April day, we see the winter world transformed…into the beauty that is spring.

Allow your soul to change and lighten with the change of seasons. Today and tomorrow, prepare for Ash Wednesday by meditating and reflecting on the questions below. Prepare your heart to shed its winter weight this Lenten season and be open and ready to accept the miracle of Easter that God will send to us all on a beautiful April Sunday.

Ash Wednesday Reflection

For I eat ashes like bread and mingle tears with my drink… Psalm 102:9

What personal sorrows haunt you, bringing you to pain and tears? As you reflect on your sorrows during this Lenten season, may you sense compassion growing inside you…a compassion for the sorrows of others.

As Lent begins, may my heart turn to you, O God.

May my repentance be truthful and sincere.

May my heart and mind become open to your guidance and grace.

May Your love guide me on this forty day journey and may I find joy

within my soul as the dawn rises on Easter.


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