SDA: A Future for Girls

Here we are, the last Monday in June and everyone’s little one is finished school for the year. The summer days stretch out ahead, like waves on the sand and whether our children are transitioning from kindergarten to first grade, elementary school to high school, rising to senior year, or heading off to college, right now the only thing on their minds is VACATION! Of course, they will open their books this summer, complete their summer tasks, read for pleasure, go to camps, go to workshops and continue to expand their knowledge base. However, I am certain that there will be more than a few days where our children sleep till after 10am, eat snacks all day instead of meals, and lounge around on the very furniture/rugs we are trying to clean. Those first lazy days of summer vacation are upon us as parents and we know it!

What we must never lose sight of, not even on those cloudless warm summer days is that the future is fast approaching. Two months off and then, boom, right back to the hustle and bustle- the gathering of knowledge, the shaping of our children into the young adults they will someday become. And that is why, no matter how young your daughter is, it is never too early to think about her educational future and the doors that Saint Dominic Academy can open for her.

Our school, open since 1878, has spent over a hundred and forty years preparing women for leadership in a global society. We’ve done it well; countless alumnae can attest to that fact. And we will continue to do it far into the future. Ten athletic teams, a world renowned choir, two dramatic performances yearly, 9 AP level classes, partnerships with Saint Peter’s University and Seton Hall University, and more college partnerships to come, electives spanning from Film to Forensic Science and teachers who truly bring both energy and expertise to our classrooms- Saint Dominic Academy “has it all” for the young women who pass through our halls.

Parents of daughters, whether they are 6 or 12…now is the time for you to take a closer look at Saint Dominic Academy and all we can offer your daughter. Reach out to our Enrollment Manager, Ms. Kristen Mallon with any questions or to visit Saint Dominic Academy.

It’s never too early to start planning for her future. And, at Saint Dominic Academy, the future is bold, is bright, and of course, the future is female!

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  1. All very true!! In fact, my granddaughter (age 7) has informed me that she intends to go to Saint Dominic Academy, someday. Already a strong woman who knows what she wants.

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