Giving Tuesday…Support SDA!

It’s finally here…the much anticipated “most wonderful time of the year!” December is upon us and with it comes all of the joys of Christmas. From Advent calendars to candlelit windows, purple sunsets catching the glow of lights, pine and evergreen trees decorated with cherished family ornaments, the sound of carols on the radio and church choirs rehearsing for Midnight Mass…all of the love and festive spirit truly surrounds us for this month, wrapping us in the embrace of the joy of the birth of Christ.

How many of us, while we do enjoy the holiday cheer, have had to run out to buy “one last thing”, at least a dozen times? How many of us have run out of tape, of labels, of stamps for Christmas cards, of wrapping paper for that one oversized gift, and instead of feeling happy about the holidays, what we feel is frustration for a moment or two. With so much going on in just 25 short days, each of us is bound to forget something…that’s the nature of Christmas gift giving. Oh, we’ll throw on our coats and grumble a bit and run back to the store, and although the errand frustrates us, all of that is forgotten when the sun rises on Christmas morning. 

Today, let me take on the role of one of Santa’s “elves” and remind you about one very special gift you can make- from the comfort of your home. No wrapping paper needed, no tape, no label- just you and your phone or laptop or any tech device you choose. This gift, which will only take a moment to give, will benefit not one special person, but over 200 dedicated, hardworking young women who are pursuing their dreams right this very minute. 

December 3 is Giving Tuesday and there is no better gift you can make than a gift to Saint Dominic Academy. Your donation fuels dreams, motivates the leaders of tomorrow, inspires girls to achieve their goals…what better gift could you give than a gift that ensures a bright future for a young lady determined to succeed? As we all know, when it comes to gift giving, its not the size that matters but the fact that the gift comes from the heart. We at SDA would welcome your gift this Giving Tuesday…any and all donations to our school will help change the lives of our students, both this year, and far into the future.

Now is the time to support your SDA family! Now is the time to give! Please, take one moment at the start of this holiday season and make a donation to Saint Dominic Academy. You will have the thanks and love of over 200 young women who are most deserving and grateful.

Happy December!

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