Christmas Reflection #3

During December, the Head of School’s Blog will be a series of reflections on the meaning of Christmas. All reflections have been composed by the Head of School in previous  years during the Christmas season. It is my sincere hope that these reflections will bring tidings of comfort and joy to you and your loved ones throughout the month of December.

Parent voices hushed…whispers mingled with coffee scented air 

On  a long ago early  Christmas morning.

A table laid with blue and white china,

Crisp cream napkins and brand new dresses

For  Christmas dinner with beloved grandparents.

Tiny footsteps pitter pattering down halls,

The joyful exclamation of a toddler’s voice…

“Daddy, Santa was here!”

A delighted girlish giggle at the sight of a toy kitchen,

a baby doll, a trip of her dreams with Mommy

wrapped in candy colored paper under the candy cane tree.

These memories, recalled with a smile…

And at times with glassy eyes…hidden but for the reflection captured by tree lights

Are what sustain us as we grow older and 

Our children’s childhoods, our cherished family members,

Fade to memory.

As time passes, more and more swiftly from Christmas to Christmas,

We find love, we find joy, 

And always in our hearts our pasts live on, with God’s sustaining love.

Originally written in 2019

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