Respect for Catholic Education …

Catholic school is a tradition, a way of life, a path that many of us were raised on and that we continue to have our children follow to this very day. It should then come as no surprise how shocked and saddened I was when I learned that Marist High School will close in June. A Hudson County icon, and a visible presence of Catholic Education for all who enter our county via the well traveled NJ Turnpike, it is sad to see their doors planning to be shuttered for good. More and more, this is the path for many Catholic schools, and it is a path that none should ever have to take. 

The goal of all Catholic schools, elementary or high, co-ed or single sex is to provide a faith filled educational foundation for students. One needs only to look at the mission statements of schools in Hudson County, and regardless of whether they were founded by the Dominicans, the Jesuits, the Marist Brothers, the De La Salle Brothers or another religious community, the purpose is shared. 

We at Saint Dominic Academy have a place for all the young women of Marist High School who are seeking an education in the Catholic tradition. Our thoughts and prayers are with their student body as they seek to transition to a new environment and we will welcome with open hearts the traditions of Marist High School that are brought to Saint Dominic Academy by any transfer students who will join our population next year.

In the time between then and now, we will keep the students, parents, alumni and faculty of Marist High School in our daily prayers and intentions. Finding a new “home” is never an easy task to undertake, and leaving what is familiar and those who are friends of the heart for a new and strange place is one of the hardest challenges each of us may ever face in life.  It is even harder when it is a transition not fueled by personal choice. To that end, we at Saint Dominic Academy will work tirelessly to ensure that the needs of the young women currently attending Marist High School will be met, should they choose to make their transition here to Saint Dominic Academy. 

Today, more than ever, let us remember to continue to support Catholic education-because the support directly impacts the students who seek a home in our buildings each and every day.

Prayers for the Marist community.

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