Lenten Reflections…

This past Wednesday, we began our Lenten Season. For us Catholics, it is the start of forty days of repentance, where we dedicate ourselves to prayer and reflection. This observance’s purpose is to work to prepare our hearts and souls for the celebration of Easter. Here at Saint Dominic Academy, we feel it is essential that we dedicate a daily portion of this 40 day period to self examination, contemplation and reflection on God’s grace and His infinite mercy. Our religion classes will reflect on the Passion of Jesus and within their times of self reflection, will strive to make a closer connection to God. 

It is fitting that the majority of our Lenten season this year will be during the month of March. The month of March truly reflects the changes that should take place within our hearts during the Lenten season; for as we reflect on God’s grace, our spirits should become less cold, less burdened, less weighted down and begin to fill with light, joy and hope as Easter draws closer. As our hearts undergo this transformation, so too do we see our environment change, the light grows softer, the breezes grow warmer, and suddenly on an April day, we see the winter world transformed…into the beauty that is spring. 

I encourage you to allow for periods of self reflection during this Lenten season. Open your heart to God, and with this openness, witness firsthand the change in your soul- it will lighten and grow brighter as the season turns from winter to spring. Prepare your heart to shed its winter weight this Lenten season and be open and ready to accept the miracle of Easter that God will send to us all on a beautiful April Sunday.

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