Virtual Back to School Night

Thursday, October 1, 2020

 530pm- 7:10pm via Google Classroom

Followed by Virtual Financial Night for 11th and 12th Grade Parents 


Saint Dominic Academy welcomes all of our new parents and welcomes back our parents who have shared years with us. While we cannot host an on-site Back to School Night, we did want to offer a real-time event, so that you can meet your daughter’s teachers.  The event will be conducted via Google Meet. Your daughter need to be present at home with you for this event, as she has to let you into each class period via  the Google  Meet link for each class. Please follow the time schedule below. 


The event will begin in your daughter’s homeroom where the homeroom teacher will explain how to return the Parent Student Handbook forms via Google Docs.  Then, you can travel virtually from class to class to meet each teacher. 


Guidance will reach out the Monday  prior to this event with their email addresses. We ask, if you want to talk with a teacher one on one about his/her class, please email guidance and set up a separate virtual meeting. Back to School Night is really structured for the teacher to give a brief overview of class curriculum and for you, as parents, to put a face to the names you hear about from your daughters. Individual questions cannot be fully accommodated at this event.

Friday, October 2, 2020:

The teachers and administration appreciate all the understanding and cooperation given by both our parents and students during this Hybrid Learning period. As our teachers and students arrive at Saint Dominic Academy by 730am each morning, and will undergo a full day of remote and in person classes prior to this Back to School Night, and will then be back “in the classroom” until after 7pm, Saint Dominic Academy will be closed on Friday, October 2nd.  There will be no remote classes or club  meetings on that date. 


Homeroom: 530-540pm

1st Period: 5:45- 5:55pm

2nd Period 6:00- 6:10pm

3rd Period  6:15-6:25pm

4th Period: 6:30-6:40pm

5th Period: 6:45-6:55pm

6th Period: 7:00- 7:10pm

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