December 7

My house is filled with music these days.  Alexa wakes us up with Christmas songs, I’m using Schoolhouse Rocks to teach Abigail the branches of government, and at night I’m binge watching Glee on Netflix. ( Believe it or not, I never watched the show when it was on!! Shocking, I know.) And then, there’s a song before bedtime most nights and of course the general singing that goes on during the course of the day—a voice older than her 9 years belting Broadway songs from the shower, my not to be heard in public voice singing as I make dinner or fold laundry or do the dishes. Sometimes, I wonder if my husband and stepson would have put a proviso on all this singing before we became a family! I joke, but I do think my husband at times shakes his head in awe ( or maybe annoyance) at the sheer amount of lyrics my daughter and I hold in our heads.  

I know that so many of our SDA families understand this; current families and our alumnae as well. Saint Dominic Academy, for over 40 years, has filled Jersey City, Hudson County and regions as close as New York City’s stages and as distant as the Vatican in Rome with the literal “sound of music” under the vocal direction of Mr. Joseph Napoli.  To be sure, Christmas would not be Christmas in Jersey City without the voices of the Glee Club and Dominoes raised in song at tree lightings, in rehearsals in ELAN, and of course under the domed roof of Saint Aloysius Church at the annual Christmas concert.  Sadly, this year those trees will be lit without our voices, ELAN is silent and those who venture to Saint Aloysius for Mass this December do so in masks, their voices muffed and hushed, not raised in song. 

However, at this most beautiful time of year my heart is hopeful that the houses of every member of the Saint Dominic Academy Glee Club and Dominoes, past and present are filled with song the way my house is filled with it.  We may not be able to raise our voices together as one large choir in person, but that does not mean that the music of the Advent season or even the music that lives within all performers has to remain muted and silent right now.  Sing— in your kitchen, in your shower, out on your front steps, as you do your homework, as you drive to and from places—-and sing as if you were in ELAN, at Carnegie Hall, and at Saint Aloysius.  Raise your voice and spread some cheer—and the sadder your heart is, the louder you should sing; that I know from experience. 

And, Mr. Napoli, every young lady who has shared her voice at Saint Dominic Academy has  you to thank for that gift of song she brings into her home this year.  We knew you could not let this Christmas Season pass by with whispers and hushed voices and so, it is my pleasure this week as Head of School to share with our community that Mr. Joseph Napoli and the Executive Board of the Glee Club have been working all fall on a virtual Christmas performance, featuring the voices of our current SDA students, as well as our alumnae and on a number or two, even a glimpse into the future voices of SDA.  

This performance will be released closer to Christmas and it is my  hope that this gift of music will be one of the greatest gifts you receive this Christmas season. It has been my honor to work to coordinate this with Mr. Napoli and I thank him daily for the gift of music he has brought to so many lives over the years.

Follow our social media all December long and the link will also be sent via email!  Sing out, Saint Dominic Academy and lift your voices, ALWAYS!

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