March 8

I just read the most creative book! It was called The Ghost in Apartment 2R. It’s a book I was “previewing” before I gave it to Abigail to read; wanted to make sure it wasn’t too scary. I sat up two nights to read the 200 pages and I’m looking forward to talking with her about it as she now begins to read it.  We’re a reading house—during Read Across America and always so, I love the onset of March, when the internet is filled with options for children to participate in Read Across America.  

Saint Dominic Academy is hard at work embracing these reading initiatives; our National Honor Society is reading Bedtime  Stories via Zoom all month long, and they also partnered with University Heights Charter School to read to the k-2 students at an assembly. If you follow our Student Council and/or SDA Instagram, you’ll see our faculty taking a few moments to read either their favorite bedtime story from childhood, or an excerpt from one of their current favorite novels.  Our Advancement Office is working to coordinate a small Author’s Panel for our students, one that features alumnae authors and a current student whose work has been published.  A love reading is most certainly being fostered within the Saint Dominic Academy community.

For me, reading is almost as essential as breathing; I am always in the middle of at least two books ( one fiction, one non-fiction), plus I re-read every book that Abigail is reading or that, in years past, I was teaching for a class. My Kindle travels everywhere with me and one of my favorite questions to ask family when I see them is “ What are you reading?”  I’m never without a “recommendation” for others, no matter what genre someone likes and I have had friends reach out to me, saying “ Can you recommend something for ______________; he/she just doesn’t like reading.” I’m always happy to suggest a long list of titles, because not like reading is such a foreign concept to me.  However, I am aware that not everyone is as avid a reader as I am and so, in honor of Read Across America, I thought I’d just give a few suggestions to the young women of SDA ( and to anyone else looking for a good book), as to some of my favorite stories to curl up with.  As the winds of March blow and the evenings are blustery, instead of binge watching Netflix, maybe try one of these instead. 

For Horror Fans:

Bag of Bones – Stephen King

The Haunting of Hill House  Shirley Jackson

The Historian Elizabeth Kostova*

For Fantasy Fanatics:

The Lord of the Rings trilogy- J.R. R. Tolkein

The Harry Potter Series – J.K. Rowling*

Historical Fiction:

Beloved- Toni Morrison 

The Color Purple- Alice Walker 

The Little House Series- Laura Ingalls Wilder *


The Bridges of Madison County– Robert James Waller

Message in a Bottle– Nicholas Sparks

The Blue Bistro– Elin Hilderbrand *

Waiting To Exhale – Terry McMillan

The Wedding– Dorothy West 


Anything by Agatha  Christie!

The Thirteenth Tale– Diane Setterfield

The Lost Symbol- Dan Brown 

Rebecca- Daphne du Maurier *

Non Fiction:

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil- Jon Berendt *

Three Weeks with My Brother- Nicholas Sparks

Into Thin Air– Jon Krakauer 

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings– Maya Angelou 

The Sunflower– Simon Wisenthal 

And my lists could go on and on and on…this is just a short compiling of some of the hundreds of books I’d happily recommend to anyone at SDA ( or elsewhere) who asked me for a recommendation. I’m placing a * next to my favorite in each category and I do hope, during March and onward, if you choose to read any of the works I recommend, you email me. The one thing more fun than reading is talking about and sometimes tearing apart, books with another fellow reader!

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