June 14

No, no, no…the blog is not under construction, but there is construction under way at Saint Dominic Academy. During the 2020-2021 school year, we happily welcomed MEDQUEST, our medical exploration program, to our school curriculum. Developed and taught by Ms. Roxann D’Alessio, this program had its inaugural year during the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, while some students studied in person and others undertook this first portion of the program virtually, the medical program was temporarily housed in the faculty room.

That is all about to change, as we begin this June to establish a MEDQUEST classroom on the first floor of Saint Dominic Academy. With state of the art medical equipment, sinks, exam tables, medical supply cabinets, EKG machines and more…this new facility will be both a monumental and worthwhile summer endeavor here at SDA.

MEDQUEST combines theory and practical application with externships and volunteer work to afford students the knowledge, insight, and experience necessary to pursue various health careers. MEDQUEST provides classroom instruction, practical labs, and field experiences, and some highlights of the program include learning about:

  • Vital Signs
    • Patient Care
    • Pharmacology
    • Medical Assistant Techniques
    • Medical Careers Exploration
    • Phlebotomy
  •  Wound Care
    •  Baby Care
    •  Surgical Instrumentation
    •  Electrocardiography
    •  Assisting with surgical procedures
    •  Suturing

The MEDQUEST simulation lab has four distinct parts: a reception area, an assessment room, a laboratory, and a hospital room.

CPR Certifications are obtained at the end of freshman year and they are recertified every two years.

Four years of the program qualifies students for a Medical Assistant Certification through the National HealthCareer Association.

Three years of the program qualifies students to earn an EKG Technician Certification through the National HealthCareer Association. 

The Medical Assistant Certification and Electrocardiography Technician Certification are lifetime certifications.

Some of the renovations have already been sponsored by one of our generous alumna, however we could always use the support of all of our alumnae, especially those who now work in the medical profession and who understand how truly important it is to have a program such as this one at Saint Dominic Academy. It is my hope that many of our alumnae will consider contacting our Advancement Office today to help make our medical program’s expansion a reality during the summer of 2021.

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