Lessons from the Elves…

Last weekend, my niece, (the daughter of an SDA graduate!) was in a production of ELF Junior in Toms River, NJ. Abigail is a huge fan of ELF and so we were happy to see Ellie in the production- she did an outstanding job! Of course, after watching the musical, the movie was on a non-stop loop on the TV in my house and has been on frequently all season long.  It makes me laugh, but as with most movies, after a while I tune it out.  

And then, it struck me- some of the most important lessons of Christmas come from holiday classics that we are so used to seeing, we forget the important messages that they impart upon children for generations to come !

So indulge me if you will in some holiday cheer. At just one week before Christmas, let us review some of these classic Christmas messages to truly get into the spirit of the season!

From ELFThe best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear! & There’s room for everyone on the NICE list!

From Home AloneThis is Christmas, the season of perpetual hope!

From How The Grinch Stole Christmas Maybe…Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas is a little bit more.

From The Polar ExpressSeeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see. & There’s no greater gift than friendship.

From Miracle on 34th Street Faith is believing when common sense tells you not to!

From It’s a Wonderful LifeEvery time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings!

From A Christmas Carol God bless us, everyone!

And with these words of wisdom in our hearts and minds, let us enter into those final days before Christmas, looking forward to celebrating with family and friends. Remember always, the true spirit of Christmas lies within your heart.

Deck The (SDA) Halls!

December is upon us at last! For many of us, it is truly the most magical and wonderful time of year and no matter how many late nights of wrapping or afternoons of baking we have, the joy of the holiday season makes every Christmas chore seem merry and fun.  From sun up till  moonrise, all month long, I have no doubt that many of you will be as busy as Santa’s elves- with shopping, wrapping, exchanging, and all that comes with the joy of the season.

At Saint Dominic Academy this December, every so often I need to peek out my office door and make certain our young ladies are not elves themselves!  Fresh from their fall production of The Sound of Music; many of our most talented voices are singing at Tree Lightings, Holiday parties, and of course at our very own Christmas Concert  on December 10th. The Glee Club and Dominoes are busily spreading Christmas cheer, not only within SDA, but within the entire Hudson County community.

Our athletes are involved in a bit of hustle and bustle as well; basketball and indoor track have practices, games and meets that last into the wee hours, when houses are lamplit and there is frost in the air heading home.  Never growing tired, these dedicated young women are committed to their studies as well as their teams and bring pride to SDA, not only in December, but all  year long.

Our Peer Ministers are preparing for our Christmas Liturgy, Dominican Youth in Action is sponsoring a Giving Tree, French, Spanish and Asian Interest clubs are planning Christmas parties for the school, Student Council raised enough funds to buy 15 coats for children, and the Class of 2018 is hard at work on their Christmas play.  And the fun doesn’t end with the students; faculty and staff are making ornaments for their prayer partners and our Alumnae Association is hosting an Alumnae Christmas Party on December 15th.  

With all the merriment in the air, it’s not hard to see why I sometimes wonder if each of our young ladies is not just a bit magical.  And then, I remember…they are!  For the love of God is with them always, and perhaps, during this month, it shines just a tiny bit brighter and gives them the extra sparkle that I see daily!

The Hills Were Alive…AT SDA!

This past weekend, it was my pleasure to welcome parents, donors, alumnae and friends to Saint Dominic Academy’s production of The Sound of Music.  This breathtaking show, which began its journey here at SDA in June of 2017 and has continued until late Saturday evening, was full of talented and heart stopping young men and women. The ladies of Saint Dominic Academy, together with students from Saint Peter’s Prep, Hudson Catholic High School, Eastern Christian Academy and All Saints Catholic Academy as well as faculty members from Saint Dominic Academy worked tirelessly, after school, evenings and weekends, to perfect the performances that were held over the weekend.

I am certain it is a story most of our audience knew very well; a heartbroken father finding new love after the loss of a mother, a young woman searching for her place in life, and a brave family facing the Nazi takeover of Austria in the days preceding World War II. The emotions in this show are as wide ranging as the ages that were seen on the stage, from the tiniest Von Trapp child to the most decorated Nazi Officer. The cast and crew’s dedication to the performance had the power to transport viewers to Austria before it fell to Germany,  to lighten their souls with the songs “your heart wants to sing…” and to celebrate the joy that is family as we moved into December and the Christmas season.

What was interesting for me to share with our young students in the cast, some of whom were not aware, was that the story of the Von Trapp Family was a true one; the story of an empowered woman who embraced the twists and turns of her life, until it took her to where she belonged; as the wife of Captain Von Trapp and stepmother to his seven children and later, two of their own.  

Maria Von Trapp, who worked to keep her family together, both as they left Austria and then again in Switzerland and finally in Stowe, Vermont, may not have always been as cheerful and happy as our own Maria, but she did survive, thrive, and bring her family to success.  She was a leader, in a society that was falling under a dangerous regime. She was a brave and protective mother, putting the safety her stepchildren and children before her own at all times.

In short, she was the very portrait of a Saint Dominic Academy girl; empowered, spiritual, and dedicated to doing the right thing.

It was an honor for all of us at Saint Dominic Academy to tell her story and the story of her family!  My sincere thanks and love to the cast, crew, Director and supporters of The Sound of Music.

November Prayer #4

The magic of November…the ongoing prayer of Thanksgiving between each of us and God.


For the month of November, I encourage those who read this weekly blog to find here a prayer of Thanksgiving- reminding us that each day, not just Thanksgiving Day, is a day to celebrate all we have to be thankful for in life. Please pray with Saint Dominic Academy all November long.


God of light and hope,

Look upon us in love.

Fill us with the Spirit of Jesus,

So that, as Advent approaches,

Our hearts and minds become ready to welcome

With love and joy,

The Spirit of Jesus.

As we move toward December

And await The Light of The World,

May we be filled with the many blessings

You grant to us daily,

And may we look to You with Thankful hearts always.


November Prayer #3

The magic of November…the ongoing prayer of Thanksgiving between each of us and God.


For the month of November, I encourage those who read this weekly blog to find here a prayer of Thanksgiving- reminding us that each day, not just Thanksgiving Day, is a day to celebrate all we have to be thankful for in life. Please pray with Saint Dominic Academy all November long.


Lord God, as Thanksgiving approaches this week,

We ask for Your blessings on family and friends.

We ask for Your blessings on our homes, our schools, and our world.

We thank You for this time we spend together,

And we keep in our hearts all those who are not with family on Thanksgiving.

While we celebrate the joys of Thanksgiving,

We continually stay mindful of the sorrows in the world.

We pray for peace in our hearts.

We pray for peace in the world.

Help us to know always that Your love is constant

So that w may share in Your glory.


November Prayer #2

The magic of November…the ongoing prayer of Thanksgiving between each of us and God.


For the month of November, I encourage those who read this weekly blog to find here a prayer of Thanksgiving- reminding us that each day, not just Thanksgiving Day, is a day to celebrate all we have to be thankful for in life. Please pray with Saint Dominic Academy all November long.


God, throughout November, be with me

Help me to be mindful of all I have been given.

Allow me to count my abundant blessings instead of my small burdens.

Allow me to see all the beauty in life, and look away from the negativity.

Allow me to celebrate joy each day, and face sorrows with the hope of a better tomorrow.

Allow me to share my smile with others, and to dry tears of sadness.

Allow me to feel Your presence when I grow fearful and to gain courage.

Most of all, allow me always, to call upon You, to take comfort in Your presence,

And to count on Your love for all.


November Prayer #1

The magic of November…the ongoing prayer of Thanksgiving between each of us and God.


For the month of November, I encourage those who read this weekly blog to find here a prayer of Thanksgiving- reminding us that each day, not just Thanksgiving Day, is a day to celebrate all we have to be thankful for in life. Please pray with Saint Dominic Academy all November long.


Oh God, when I have food,

Help me to remember the hungry.

When I am overwhelmed with work,

Help me to remember those seeking jobs.

When my home feels messy and cluttered,

Help me to remember those who have no home.

When I have a sniffle or a headache,

Help me to pray for those suffering from long term aliments.

Be with me God, this November

Ignite my compassion for others,

Motivate me to help with both word and deed,

And never allow me to take my blessings for granted. Amen

Hocus Pocus…Let’s All Focus!

I don’t know about you, but for me October has been a month of spooky good fun! I’ve been twilight pumpkin picking, to Six Flags Fright Fest (for the kid activities only; I am not on board with being chased by zombies), October camping, Sesame Place for The Count’s Halloween Spooktacular, and of course, Abby and I spent a quick and magical mother daughter weekend in our favorite place at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! All this, and Halloween is not until tomorrow! Abby has had several costume changes over the  month; from Tinkerbell, to Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas and for tomorrow, her “dream” costume; the one she has been excited about since the middle of July when she first saw it advertised…Sarah Sanderson from Hocus Pocus.  And while I can say hands down that my time in Disney was my favorite Halloween activity, I am looking forward to taking her trick or treating tomorrow and then sitting down to eat candy and watch Hocus Pocus with her. (There’s a marathon on Freeform, but Abby watches it all year round!)

And then, it will happen…this quick change that throws off more people than daylight savings time does.  For just as Mary Sanderson will utter the onscreen words “I smell children”, I can hear myself saying “ I smell peppermint mocha, evergreen, and holly!”  And faster than you can say Hocus Pocus, not only will Halloween be over, but fall itself with all its beauty and its calendar life really running to December 21st, will be swept under the rug along with the fake cobwebs that decorate gates and doors. Maybe you might see one or two Thanksgiving themed decorations in stores, but entire aisles will be cleared of Halloween candy and stuffed with wrapping paper, bows, tape, and ribbon almost overnight.

That’s a shame; it truly is.  November is a beautiful month in and of itself; truly the “sweater weather” time of year.  The trees are still colorful, the leaves still crunchy on the ground, and the weather is still truly fall; a time of harvest, a time of celebration and a time to be thankful.  And while I love Christmas, and, if I am being honest, will tell you that my tree will be up the day after Thanksgiving,  it does not mean that I am going to just ignore November and expand the Christmas season so that it runs from November 1st to January 1st.  

So today, on this day before All Hallow’s Eve, let me wave my magic Head of School wand and cast a tiny spell over the members of the SDA family; students, parents, alumnae, faculty, staff and friends. Close your eyes while I say…

Hocus Pocus…Let’s all focus:


  • On the beauty of November.
  • On the upcoming Thanksgiving celebration of family.
  • On all we have to be THANKFUL for this year.


All throughout November, I will be keeping track of what I am thankful for, each and every day.  Many people do this very same thing via social media, it’s one of the nicest things about Facebook and Twitter in November, people are being happy and positive.  And I invite each of you to do the same; to take five minutes at the start of a new day or at the end of a long and tiring one, and just think about what you are thankful for and how being thankful can truly bring you closer to God.

After all, that’s the magic of November…the ongoing prayer of Thanksgiving between each of us and God.

Red Balloons Aren’t The Thing To Fear…

For the past month, IT has taken the top spot at the box office more weekends than not. Although I read the Stephen King novel (more than once, in fact), I have not gone to see the film and as the days dwindle down between now and Halloween, it is not likely that I will get there.  However, the buzz I have heard from people, friends and family who have seen it, is that it was well done, and unsettling, and down right scary. Now,  understand, I am not taking a pass on the movie because I am afraid (not me!), but because, as a parent I spend so much time being nervous and scared, that I am just not in the mood for horror movie shrieks this time around!

My readers who are parents, you know well of what I speak.  It’s not red balloons hovering over sewer grates that we have to fear when our children walk to and from school.  It’s not a supernatural clown in an underground pipe or a voice coming out of the sink drain that we worry about when they head to practices or dance classes or play dates with friends.  There are, in this day and age, so many real fears and dangers for our children, that even a scary movie like IT pales in comparison. For  we know that it is not the monster under the bed that matters, but the one who lurks behind the computer screen, the interactive video game, the anonymous text message, who is the real threat.

Our children at younger and younger ages, are becoming more connected to technology. While I am firm in my belief that technology can be a good thing, it does open the doors to a whole new world, one of interactive learning and collaboration, but also one of cyber bullying and misleading messages designed to lure children away from the safety of their families and into dangerous situations.  We have come far beyond the old “don’t open the door to a stranger” message that was pounded into our own heads many years ago. Now it is expanded, with warnings being more about cyber strangers than actual ones.  (How many strangers ring the front door bell anymore? We actually know our Amazon Prime delivery guy!)  But we must constantly remind our children, whether they are 6 or 16, to be careful, to be cautious. Don’t accept a friend request from someone you don’t know!  Don’t put personal information as to where you are out there for everyone to see! Don’t visit chat rooms and agree to meet a person you talked to online! The list of taboos could go on and on and still, we read all the time about awful things happening as a result of these boundaries being let down, even for a minute.

Hand in hand with this comes the overwhelming rise in cyber bullying, which is destroying the lives of tweens and teens everywhere. Can you turn on the news on any given day and not hear a story about this topic? How many more tragic tales do we have to hear, do our children have to hear, before the message finally starts to sink in; that words do hurt, whether you are saying them to someone’s face, posting them on your Twitter, or calling someone out via a Snapchat story?

The cyber world is indeed a scary place at times, and the fact that it has almost totally overtaken the lives of many of our youth is unsettling as well.  So, this October, what we need to remember: The red balloon is most likely not the danger, but the midnight friend request quite possibly is. The ghost that is haunting someone’s life, is not creeping around their attic, but flashing on their Snapchat page. And it is only when we pop all these balloons and rid ourselves of these mean spirited cyber ghosts, that spooky movies can go back to being something people in enjoy in the weeks before Halloween and not pale imitations of the real world horrors and sadness.

From one parent to another; talk to your child today, about internet safety and about cyber bullying!

Scary, Isn’t It? Time Changes Everything…

My 9th grade Siena Honors English class just finished reading The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson.  Throughout the year, they will undertake a study of the theme of survival in literature and I felt this novel, more than some of the others, would be a great way to start off the year: a little bit spooky, a possibly haunted house or a possible woman slowly battling the terrors within her mind, well it just might hook them right from the start. And hook them it did; they devoured the book, came up with some excellent comparisons between the book and some works of poetry, and then finally, worked to write a lengthy compare and contrast paper which focused on the heroine in the novel and the heroine of film from yesteryear; one that I was counting on them never having seen.  The film, PG rated, summer sleeper from 1982– Poltergeist produced by Stephen Spielberg.  And what an eye opening experience this viewing was…for myself and my 14 students.

I never thought students who are growing up in the age of CGI monsters, and American Horror Story could be spooked by this movie! Chairs piled on tables, a tree coming through the window, and some skeletons floating out of the swimming pool? We are not talking special effects that are anywhere near today’s standards. In fact, I prefaced the viewing by telling the young ladies that they were not to be nodding off or doing other work- they were to be taking notes for their major paper assignment. I need not have worried; they were riveted to the screen!  By the 2nd day, I had to preface pressing play with the warning” No screaming! No yelling!” Without meaning to; I had spooked my students.  At the final moments of the film, one young lady actually hid under her desk. When we had a discussion, the feedback I got was that it was “so spooky” and “old fashioned scary”.  I was so happy with the success of this lesson.

However, now that it is over and done and we in Siena English have moved onto another book, I have a confession of my own to make.  This was the first time I watched Poltergeist and was SCARED while watching it.  And no it was not the tree or the eerie “They’re here” moment, or even the creepy clown doll. (Clowns were scary in 82 and are scary now!) It was how “ancient” for lack of a better word some of the scenes in the film made me feel, as I had to pause to explain it to students.  They did not understand why there was no 24 hour television programming. I had to explain the old practice of TV sign offs and then the fade to static till the morning. They did not understand neighbors being on the same cable network signal; which could create havoc depending on which family wanted to watch what.  And the TV itself; a square floor model encased in a brown hutch!? They could not wrap their heads around it.

Normally, I don’t feel old, but I was five years old in 1982; when VCR’s were just coming into homes and Cable TV meant maybe you had HBO in addition to 2, 4,7, 9, 11, and 13.  I turned the knob, there was no remote! I adjusted the antennas (or my parents did) for a clearer picture. And now, 35 years later, the VCR is extinct, antennas are only found on Halloween costumes, and if there is a knob anywhere in someone’s home, it may only be on the stove.  Times change and lately, with new tech advances at our fingertips, the saying time flies has more meaning than ever.

And so, what remains the same from 1982 to now? That belief in family love and family loyalty is the same. The bond between a parent and child remains the same.  The sacrifices that parents will make when their children are sick or hurt or are in danger remain the same.  It’s nice to know that the most important things will never change, for me, for you, and for your daughters and their families someday.

Still, I can only imagine, with new advances bursting forth every day, how old I will feel when I finally let Abigail view this spooky classic and have to explain the world of 1982 to her!  I could be tempted to let her watch the remake, but, as we all know…the older, original versions are always the best…both in film, and in families!