Last Call for Bets!

If much of this blog looks familiar this week, it’s because it was, in part, published four weeks ago when SDA started accepting reservations for our SDA DAY AT THE RACES at Monmouth Park.  At last, our event is here; this coming Sunday, July 23rd, we are hosting our first annual racetrack event.  We are hoping to see alumnae, families, friends of the school and anyone who loves a day at Monmouth Park.

Want more information? Then read (or re-read) onward and when you are finished reading, visit the alumnae tab of our website: and purchase your racetrack tickets today! I’ll meet you there!

The place to be this summer opened in 1870, only 8 years before Saint Dominic Academy opened its doors. Whether you’re a fan of horse racing or not, there is no doubt that a day at Monmouth Park is an experience that every New Jerseyean has to undertake at least once in his or her life. So, if you have not yet come down to the track, make your inaugural visit this summer as part of our SDA Day at the Races.  If you and Monmouth Park are “old buddies”, then please come and celebrate with us this summer. (And, if you are a horse racing expert; find me and help me place my bets please!)

On Sunday, July 23rd, we will host our First Annual SDA Day at the Races at Monmouth Park!  We will celebrate this day with family and friends; children are welcome.  There will be bounce houses, clowns, pony rides, face painting and a playground for the future generation of SDA little girls (and their brothers too of course!)  Food is always available for purchase at the Park, or you can pack a cooler and picnic with friends as the ponies speed by!   Our goal for the day is a simple one; to come together and enjoy each other’s company in this historic and picturesque New Jersey setting.

The SDA Alumnae Association is organizing this event on behalf of the school. The cost is $15.00 and children 18 and under are free.

“Face” Lifting at SDA

With my 40th birthday less than 10 days away, I have become the “go to” person about skin cream, sun protection, water to stay hydrated, hand lotion, and the like.  Perhaps many of us women cannot help it; when we wake up and 40 is staring us in the face, we suddenly appreciate how young we truly looked at 25 or 30.  And, no matter how many people tell me that “life begins at 40”, I am still stockpiling Oil of Olay every time it’s on sale. I am smart enough to realize in my mind that when I look back later in life what I will remember most is how much I enjoyed this time, not how stressed I was over one eye wrinkle or the first strand of grey year. Time does move quickly (as evidenced by the fact that my “little” daughter is going to be SIX…talk about time flying!), and although I joke often these days about dreading turning 40, I know it is, like every other birthday, a time of celebration and of giving thanks for another successful and happy year! That’s the positive mindset I am working to keep in the forefront this July.  After all, I am determined to age gracefully, and with a smile all the time!

Walking through the halls of SDA these days is what made me think of both face-lifting and graceful aging. For there is no doubt that the school is getting a bit of a face lift this summer; fresh paint in classrooms, new floors in the front hall, a new look in ELAN for both floors and walls and, very exciting-  air conditioning in ELAN thanks to the effort of a two year fundraising drive from our SDA Parent Association.

Even our beloved Madonna Hall is being touched up ever so slightly; cleaned, re-stuffed cushions, re-hung drapes. ( And a big thank you to Kathy Barnitt for helping to make that happen!)  Once that is all finished, on the outside,  SDA will still be the same beautiful building it has been for decades; a grand dowager of a school, sitting on her tree lined corner and waiting to welcome her “daughters” back in September of 2017.  It is only  the few of us who are here on the inside,  who see how much work it takes to maintain our beloved SDA, to keep her up to date, looking stunning and serving as a welcoming beacon both for current students and our beloved alumnae, should they have time to stop “home” to visit.

What we do here during the summer; our “face lifting” of SDA as it were, could not be possible without the support of all who give so generously to the Saint Dominic Academy Annual Fund.   Every single gift made to the Annual Fund is a testament to those who love this beloved school and who want to help move it forward into the future.  As I celebrate this month, not only the (dreaded) 4-0 but also the conclusion of my first year as Head of School and the start of what I hope will be an even more exciting and eventful second year, I would be most remiss not to use this weekly space to say THANK YOU!

Our generous donors, alumnae, parents, and friends of SDA, I thank you from the entire current SDA Family for your gifts to our Annual Fund this year. You are helping to shape the lives of future generations of empowered women- ones who will embrace each monumental event in their own lives, confident that they are successful, strong, and spirited young ladies of Saint Dominic Academy!

Fourth of July Reflection

This week, my words alone cannot do full justice to the importance of the holiday we celebrate on July 4th, 2017.  From that date in 1776 to tomorrow, when we commemorate our freedom, a few of the most important original words, which may be the most inspiring words ever penned in the history of our nation, should be given a space here for consideration, thought and reflection.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — Thomas Jefferson.

And so today, on this American celebration of Independence, let us remember the sacrifices made over two hundred and forty years ago by a small band of patriots so that the colonies could be free.  Let us remember the countless men and women of America, who are not celebrating this occasion with their families, nor perhaps even on their native soil, because they are securing the freedom of others in all areas of the world.  And let us remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, so that America could truly be one nation, under God.

God bless you all, and God bless America!


SDA’s Nominee for Teacher of The Year!

Early in June, I received paperwork from the New Jersey Chapter of the Council for America Private Education, asking me for my nomination for Nonpublic School Teacher of the Year. The criteria, according to NJ CAPE was as follows:

An exceptional dedicated, knowledgeable, and skilled teacher.  Able to inspire students of all backgrounds and all abilities to learn.  Have the respect and admiration of students, parents, and colleagues. Be poised, and articulate.

Today, I would like to use this blog as an opportunity to introduce you to Saint Dominic Academy’s nominee for Nonpublic School Teacher of the Year.   Immersed in the teaching profession since 1974, our candidate holds a B.A. from Rowan University, dual M.A.’s from William Paterson and Montclair State, and a Doctorate from Seton Hall University.   He received an award from the Thomas  Jefferson Foundation in 2002 and was named Sussex County Teacher of the year.   Since 1995, he has served as President of the Hampton Township Board of Education and also serves as an executive board member of the Sussex County Historical Society.

A member of the New Jersey Historical Society as well, he was also a two time Jeopardy champion in 1992. At Saint Dominic Academy, where he has worked since 2011, he currently chairs the English and History Departments, serves as Internal Coordinator for Middle States, and this year, taught four AP level classes.  Doctor Joseph Santora, or “Doc” as the students affectionately call him, is a gifted educator, one who believes that success comes with offering a high level of academic performance.  When I asked Doc to briefly surmise his philosophy of education, he shared the insight that All students, regardless of initial skills, can perform at a high level of achievement. I believe in offering students a challenging experience that is both rigorous and relevant to their daily lives.

And he does that daily, in AP History, in AP Government, in U.S. History II Honors, and as the leader of our English and History Departments.   As I stated to the nominating committee, I know I can rely on Doc to give 110% at all times. He is innovative, creative and dedicated to both the study of history and the ideals of Saint Dominic Academy.  My nomination was sent and I know you all join me in wishing Doctor Santora good luck and best wishes. Stay tuned in October to learn if he is named the NJ CAPE teacher of the year!  

Spend An SDA Day at the Races This July!

We are now into the season of summer and with it, vacation planning, if not already completed, is being done in full force.  What are we doing with these lazy, hazy days and beautiful starlit nights?  Here in New Jersey, walking the Boardwalks, visiting the Casino Pier, dipping feet into the ocean, surf casting at twilight- these are just a few of the many things our state has to offer during the warm summer months.  And this year, for the first time, Saint Dominic Academy is embracing a “gift of the Garden State” and hosting a summer event for families, alumnae, and friends of SDA.

The place to be this summer opened in 1870, only 8 years before Saint Dominic Academy opened its doors. Whether you’re a fan of horse racing or not, there is no doubt that a day at Monmouth Park is an experience that every New Jerseyean has to undertake at least once in his or her life. So, if you have not yet come down to the track, make your inaugural visit this summer as part of our SDA Day at the Races.  If you and Monmouth Park are “old buddies”, then please come and celebrate with us this summer. (And, if you are a horse racing expert; find me and help me place my bets please!)

On Sunday, July 23rd, we will host our First Annual SDA Day at the Races at Monmouth Park!  We will celebrate this day with family and friends; children are welcome.  There will be bounce houses, clowns, pony rides, face painting and a playground for the future generation of SDA little girls (and their brothers too of course!)  Food is always available for purchase at the Park, or you can pack a cooler and picnic with friends as the ponies speed by!   Our goal for the day is a simple one; to come together and enjoy each other’s company in this historic and picturesque New Jersey setting.

The SDA Alumnae Association is organizing this event on behalf of the school. The cost is $15.00 and children 18 and under are free.  For more information, you can visit the Alumnae section of the Saint Dominic Academy website.  I will look forward to seeing you in a month at Monmouth Park racetrack, so please, save the date on your summer calendars and join us for some old fashioned NJ fun this July!

Purchase tickets here:

Underclasswomen…You Know The Way!

With this, my 39th blog, we have reached the end of our 2016-2017 school year for all of our students. Exams conclude tomorrow and the young ladies in grades 7-11 are heading off for the summer, some to be part of summer studies programs, some to relax with family and friends, some to vacation at different and exciting locals and all, ( I hope) to complete their summer reading and any other summer assignments given by our dedicated teachers here at Saint Dominic Academy.

For these young women, whether it was their first year as members of the SDA family or they are “seasoned pros”  here at the school, the months of June, July and August are a time not just to relax and regroup, but to take the time to explore new opportunities, ideas and adventures that cannot often be fit in during the course of the school year. The summer is a time for our young ladies to grow as people, to expand their horizons, to expand their friendships and even to expand their education through their summer activities.  I have said more than once this year that all learning does not take place in the classroom and when the days are long and the sun is warm, there is even more of an opportunity for each of our girls to learn more about themselves, about each other, and about the people they want to be next school year as they return to Saint Dominic Academy.

It will seem quiet here without them; the halls ghostly silent, the cafeteria closed, the curtains drawn in the Media Center.  As I sit in my office (and I will take some time away as well to rest and regroup!) I will at times let my mind wander and wonder at what all of our young ladies are doing over the summer. And so, I invite each of you, to reach out to me and email me all about your adventures. Send me some photos, give me a brief description of where you are, what you are doing, and most importantly, what you are learning during the summer!  I’d love to feature some of your summer vacation adventures as part of my blog this year!   

I will miss you very much during the summer months and I will look forward to September when I see you return to the building, relaxed, refreshed, a  bit older and a bit wiser.   Enjoy your well deserved rest and remember, when it’s time to find home, we know the way!  Come home safe and smiling to 2572 in September! Happy summer ladies!

The Friends You Need…

Just yesterday, Saint Dominic Academy proudly hosted the graduation ceremony for the Class of 2017. It was a lovely event and, as I watched the young ladies smile, laugh and cry with their friends, I began to reflect on friendships, especially female friendships and how they manage to sustain us in life.  I am aware of studies that have been done; looking into how social media has given rise to a greater number of casual friendships and how it allows those who might drift apart to at least stay in some sort of touch, even if it is only via the internet.   And so, I am certain that the class of 2017 will remain much more connected to each other than I did with my graduating class back in 1995.

However, when I think about friendships amongst women, my own theory (and let’s keep in mind I am no scientist!) is that there are three friends who each of us really needs as we move into our adult lives.  Now, at the age of 17-18 years old, most of us will not even be aware of these women because our need for them grows as we grow further into adulthood.  However, young women should be on the lookout for these three friends as they come into your lives, because these are the friendships that will sustain you when you get to be my age and older.

The first is the female equivalent of one of those buddy movies- the Thelma to your Louise or perhaps something not quite as crazy.  This is the friend with whom you have some of your best young adult memories; after college, you’re both working and yet you find time for madcap adventures. Road trips to D.C., private parties at the American Museum of Natural History, taking a 13 mile walk around New York City for no real reason; this is your go to girl for fun and laughter, for selfies and memories to last a lifetime. As you both get older and life becomes busy, the selfies may turn into group shots of your kids and the walks may be with strollers to the playground during a visit, but the friendship is still there and at the end of the day, nobody makes you laugh like this friend does!

And, as life becomes busy for women, the next friend each of us needs is the “Been There- Done That, Let Me Tell You What I Learned” friend.  She does not have to be much older than you, but in many ways, she is wiser. This is the friend who has a child older than yours; who you can call at two am to ask about colic or who will tell you that you are doing an amazing job as a mother when your four year old stomps her foot and says she does not like you.  This is the friend whose house you can go to in leggings and  mom hair after a night of little sleep because your child has nightmares and she will speak the best words you will ever hear “ It gets easier; they grow out of it!” The experienced mom friend is a friend you will come to value as life moves along.

Finally, the third friend you will treasure is one you won’t make until your children become social themselves.  It’s the “Mom Friend”.  You strike up friendly chats at dance school or the soccer field, you might grab a coffee and set up an initial playdate with several other parents. And then, for whatever reason, your kids click and you click too.  And this is the friend who is just like you, running from one thing to another, balancing laundry, ballet, communions and birthdays. This is the never ending text message that goes back and forth for eons, because you can just commiserate with each other on any topic at all.  And 9 times out of 10, this is the friend who first hears about any type of frustration you have, regardless of the topic because she can relate.  What would we do without the mom friend?

Of course, you’ll have many more friends than these three; cousins make excellent friends because they know the family history.  Your sister in law eventually becomes your sister and friend, and of course, we know I am a firm believer in the statement “A girl’s best friend is her mother!”  But these three friends, the “buddy”, the “experienced mom” and the “ friend mom”, they will get you through some tough days and they will become your sounding board and support for a lifetime.  Keep your eyes peeled as they enter your life; you’ll be thankful for the rest of it that you have them!

Advice to the Seniors

On May 19th, I had the honor of addressing the graduating class of 2017 at their Senior Honors Assembly.  I thought for a while about what I wanted to say to them; as I will address them twice more before they finally leave Saint Dominic Academy as graduates.  I knew that the Honors Assembly was my opportunity to give them some advice as they begin to prepare to head out to college and the world, but also my chance to give some advice to the young ladies in grades 7-11 at Saint Dominic Academy as they attended the ceremony as well.

Today, as we head into the days leading up to graduation on June 4th, I want to use this week’s blog to share with all of you the wisdom I shared with the students on May 19th.  It is not original advice, but comes from a source that we cherish as children and would do well to continue to cherish in our adult lives.

The most important messages from childhood are usually delivered via animation, with the nuggets of truth being wrapped up within the plot. When you are young, it is your parents, not you the child who sees how important and necessary some of these messages are. However, as you prepare to graduate from Saint Dominic Academy, you know in your hearts that you are also graduating in a sense from childhood to adulthood, and as such, you need to call to mind those childhood life lessons you learned and put them to good use in the future!


So today, I want to share with you some life lessons from the most magical place on earth and the filmmaker whose quest in life was to keep us young at heart always.


From The Lion King, we learned that “The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.”


From Winnie the Pooh we learned that “The things that make me different are the things that make me.”


From Hercules we learned that “Giving up is for rookies.”


From Monsters Inc we learned that “Nothing is more important than friendship.”


From Tangled we learned that “sometimes you have to face your deepest fears to make your wildest dreams come true.”  


From The Princess and the Frog we learned that “You’re never too old to wish upon a star.”


From Toy Story we learned to“ Reach for the sky!”

And finally, I leave you today with these two words of wisdom from Walt Disney himself. I want you to remember that growing up is mandatory but growing old is optional … and…all of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.  Congratulations today ladies and I will look forward to talking with you again at graduation!

Tireless Volunteers- SDA PTA!

As some of you may know, in addition to my position as Head of School at Saint Dominic Academy, I also hold another title which is almost as special to me. I am Kindergarten Class Mom at All Saints Catholic Academy. I’ve been the class mom for Abigail’s class since she started at ASCA in Pre-K Three. If you’ve never been a Class Parent or a room volunteer in an elementary school,  I am here to say it is a great experience.  Coming up with creative Halloween treats, wrapping Christmas gifts for “ Cookies with Santa”, filling eggs for “Breakfast with the Easter Bunny”, and for the past two years, working in tandem with the other class mom to coordinate the graduation ceremony- I know that as Abigail gets older and is less interested in having me pop in and out of her school , the memories of these days, when her face lit up when I walked into the classroom, will be a gift I will treasure always.

As a working mother, I will admit it is a sacrifice at times to volunteer.  Most of the work that goes into my role as Class Mom is done in the late hours of the evening or the wee hours of the morning. At times, it is one more errand to run before I get home from work, or one more binge worthy TV program I do not see because I am writing reminder letters.  And knowing all that, I must say, I am in constant awe of the members of the Saint Dominic Academy Parent Association.  For, when I look at how much work goes into being a volunteer in the kindergarten, I have to multiply it by tenfold to fully appreciate how much work our volunteers here do!

This year, the Parent Association hit the ground running with the Welcome Back To School event, and did not pause for a breath all year. They coordinated the Calendar Raffle, they planned and organized the Communion Brunch,  they launched a Parent Facebook Page, and they added our new and hugely successful event – Designer Bag Bingo!  They held meetings, with me, with each other, in person and on the phone after their own long days at work. And the energy that they brought to the job was monumental; never once was there a hesitation, a question about whether or not they could achieve the desired goal.  This group set goals in July and now in May, have met and exceeded every single one.

For years, Catholic education has relied in part on the volunteers within the school who are willing to give back; to join a committee, to organize a fundraiser, to coordinate an event for students and without these volunteers in place, how could any school truly run well?  Parents are an essential part of the Catholic school community; it has always been that way and it will never change. It is our Parent Association who helps those who lead read the pulse of the school and who help to keep energy and excitement for school activities at high levels throughout the entire year.  

And so, as the end of the school year is always a time for heartfelt thanks, today I want to express my thanks, my gratitude and my appreciation for those members of the Saint Dominic Academy Parent Association this year.  They are as follows:


 President- Jennifer Bailey  Board Member- Maria Sasso
 VP/Secretary- Lori LoCascio  Raffle Coordinator- Mary Dowden
 Treasurer- Stacey Swope  Social Media Coordinator- Peggie Marano


 Communion Brunch Chairs:  Back to School Chairs:
 Kelly Lekic/ Cathy Sabia  Eileen and Chris Gill


 Designer Bag Volunteers:
 Lisa DeBari/ Gigi Diaz/ Janine Colletti/ Laura Herrera

I thank each of you for a wonderful year and from one parent volunteer to another, I hope you know how very much you are appreciated and valued by all of us here at Saint Dominic Academy!

SDA Athletics!

In 1997, I was 19 years old and in my 2nd year of college. I also began working at the Mayor’s Office in Jersey City. I remained there until I was 22, first as an intern and then progressing to the administrative assistant to the Director of Communications. It was during my tenure working for the City of Jersey City that I first had the pleasure of meeting Mr. John Nagel.  A busy man, always in a hurry to head into this meeting or to that event, (much like today, 20 years later!) he always had a moment to stop and say hello.  If something great was accomplished by a member of Communications, he was the first to give a quick but thoughtful word of praise or congratulations.  If I needed information for a press release or a seal of approval from his Department on an upcoming promotion for an event, Mr. Nagel, (as I called him back then) was always able to assist me in order to get the job done well and to ensure that the Mayor’s Office looked good!

How nice it has been this year, twenty years later to be able to once again work together with John Nagel, our Director of Athletics.  Time has changed both of us, now I call him John and he jokingly refers to me as “Madame President”, but the same exceptional working relationship has not changed.  The dedication to the job and the effort to ensure that SDA’s athletic program both looks and is exceptional has not changed.  As a member of the SDA family for forty years now, (he began his time at SDA the year I was born!) as well as our Head Track Coach, Mr. Nagel has worked to uphold the mission of Saint Dominic Academy and its commitment to producing well rounded young women.  He reaches out to girls who otherwise may not get involved and encourages them to reach their full athletic potential.

He leads by example as a coach and models how he expects all of our coaches to act.  By emulating how to be a motivational coach,  all of our young athletes, regardless of what sport they play, know that they are supported by a coach who truly cares for them, who wants them to be successful, but  most of all, who wants them to truly enjoy the sport in which they are participating.  What a wonderful gift to be giving our young women; the chance to be leaders on the various athletic fields and to engage in healthy competition, but at the end of the day to know that, win or lose, their coaches are proud of them!  I think every young lady who has played on one of our sports teams can walk away saying “I had fun!” That’s Mr. Nagel’s goal as AD; to make athletics fun. And hey, if we have an impressive collection of trophies here at 2572, then so much the better!

From Dance to Softball, from Track to Tennis, he oversees it all, with a smile, a kind word and a space for every young lady who wants to try a new sport. Tonight, we will gather at our Athletic Dinner to honor our young athletes and celebrate all they achieved this year.  Mr. Nagel and the coaches will coordinate the event and guests will see, they each downplay their role in creating successful student athletes in spite of all of the time they give to our athletic program.  And so, I want to take a moment to thank all of our coaches for all they do each day for our students and for how dedicated they are to the athletic program at Saint Dominic Academy. You make our school well rounded, successful, and a welcoming place for everyone!

And to my friend of 20 years, Mr. John Nagel- your dedication to the mission of Saint Dominic Academy is extraordinary. For 40 years, you have been teaching the women of SDA how to “run like a girl” and I know you will continue to lead our athletic program to great things in years to come! Thank you John, for all you do for SDA!