This Is Us…at SDA!

Are many of you on the This Is Us bandwagon? I was not at first, but more and more people kept telling me I was missing “the best show on television.”  So one night I gave it a chance and after two episodes, I was hooked. Now, tissues are on my weekend grocery list because I have not made it through many episodes without either filling up or freely crying. ( Although, no spoilers, I found the season finale very anti climatic. No tears shed there folks!)  I am sure those of you who watch have your favorite characters, ( Team Randall here!)  plot lines to follow, and overall weekly reactions. (Here is a question: is the Mom too demanding or is the Father just a bit too perfect? Thoughts? Anyone?)  

The writers, director and actors have created a television show that, for one reason or another, has struck a chord with our culture today.  It has drawn us in, held our interest, made us talk, made us think, and made us ( at least me) weep. That is quite a big impact for a television show to have, especially in the day and age of reality television, an over-choice of what to watch using whatever device one is plugged into each day, and in a world where many of us are too busy to just take a moment and enjoy on a regular basis.  And that made me wonder; what is it about this show, with no violence,  no gratuitous sex (at least not in this season), no focus on anything other than family and what it means to be a family today, that has captured the hearts of many of us?

And I went from that wondering to this pondering; Saint Dominic Academy could be viewed in the same type of weekly “snapshot”, a picture of what makes us so engaging, so captivating, so beloved week after week, year after year, from 1878 to now.   For at heart, the SDA community is a family and at different times throughout the years, different aspects have been given the limelight, the focus, the love of the students, parents and alumnae. Each of us have grown to care for SDA for different reasons and have different motivations for attending, for serving, or for supporting, but we all do it. There is something almost magic about Saint Dominic Academy; it draws people in as students, it calls people back, as alumnae. It motivates, it challenges, and it supports- the school has an engaged following that cannot be denied.

One need only to look to our social media; our Twitter followers, our Facebook page, as well as the alumnae and parent SDA Facebook pages to see how much support we have; a following that far surpasses any TV show following. Memories, accolades, inspirations, they are posted and shared daily for all to see. And so, this week I am very happy to announce via this blog a new undertaking at SDA this spring.  As you know, the weekend of April 28th is our Alumnae Reunion weekend. In honor of that, we at Saint Dominic Academy will be naming April  “Alumnae Celebration Month.”

So, Saint Dominic Academy…This Is Us!  From April 1 to April 30th, we will be reaching out daily, via email and social media to share memories of the SDA of years past and achievements of the current SDA students. It is my hope that you continue to remain our “loyal viewers” during this venture and I look forward to sharing these daily highlights with you.

Stay tuned…


  1. Those are great pics and my Caitlin is in one of them! Thanks for sharing!
    Saint Dom’s #1

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