Deck The (SDA) Halls!

December is upon us at last! For many of us, it is truly the most magical and wonderful time of year and no matter how many late nights of wrapping or afternoons of baking we have, the joy of the holiday season makes every Christmas chore seem merry and fun.  From sun up till  moonrise, all month long, I have no doubt that many of you will be as busy as Santa’s elves- with shopping, wrapping, exchanging, and all that comes with the joy of the season.

At Saint Dominic Academy this December, every so often I need to peek out my office door and make certain our young ladies are not elves themselves!  Fresh from their fall production of The Sound of Music; many of our most talented voices are singing at Tree Lightings, Holiday parties, and of course at our very own Christmas Concert  on December 10th. The Glee Club and Dominoes are busily spreading Christmas cheer, not only within SDA, but within the entire Hudson County community.

Our athletes are involved in a bit of hustle and bustle as well; basketball and indoor track have practices, games and meets that last into the wee hours, when houses are lamplit and there is frost in the air heading home.  Never growing tired, these dedicated young women are committed to their studies as well as their teams and bring pride to SDA, not only in December, but all  year long.

Our Peer Ministers are preparing for our Christmas Liturgy, Dominican Youth in Action is sponsoring a Giving Tree, French, Spanish and Asian Interest clubs are planning Christmas parties for the school, Student Council raised enough funds to buy 15 coats for children, and the Class of 2018 is hard at work on their Christmas play.  And the fun doesn’t end with the students; faculty and staff are making ornaments for their prayer partners and our Alumnae Association is hosting an Alumnae Christmas Party on December 15th.  

With all the merriment in the air, it’s not hard to see why I sometimes wonder if each of our young ladies is not just a bit magical.  And then, I remember…they are!  For the love of God is with them always, and perhaps, during this month, it shines just a tiny bit brighter and gives them the extra sparkle that I see daily!

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  1. Come and catch the holiday spirit! The 2 and 1 Aqua Devils take on Mother Seton Regional at 4:00 on Friday December 22 at Yanatelli Center. Merry Christmas!

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