How to Beat the Winter Blues

Cold weather, icy streets, grey snow piled up on sidewalks, slushy puddles, early sunsets – and even GROUNDHOG DAY is still a month away.  I am not certain about all of my readers, but from what I have observed here at SDA over the early days of January, it seems to me that many of our young ladies, and perhaps even some of our dedicated faculty, staff and administration are suffering from a case of the “Winter Blues.”

There’s no CURE for winter- we live in a region that experiences all four seasons and although each of them have their ups and downs, for me, no season is drearier than the time between New Year’s Day and the advent of Spring. Even snow days bring no real excitement, because I have no desire to either build a snowman or shovel snow.  For me, a perfect winter would begin with a light dusting of snow on Thanksgiving, sprinkle some beautiful flakes in purple twilight during the Advent season, gift us with a fluffy white Christmas, and then pack it in on New Year’s Eve!  Alas, since I do not live in Camelot where “winter is forbidden till December…” I, along with all of my fellow winter haters, have to suffer though these cold grey days before spring comes once again.

As an educator, and also as a parent, I am aware of the effects that weather can have on student performance and overall physical and mental health.  This is a tough time of year for many of our young ladies; sitting for midterm exams, waiting for college acceptances and financial aid awards, and just not being able to get out in the fresh air as often as they might like all add to the stress they already carry daily.  I did some reading online over the past few weeks, and found an excellent post from one Ms. Darcy Lawton, a LCSW who works in Battery Park City, NY.   This post on her site shared her six tips for beating the winter blues.  As I read it, I found myself embracing some of the ideas she put forth.

Today, I want to share the link with you and it is my hope that parents, SDA students, and even SDA alumnae find some helpful advice if any of you are struggling with the winter winds. I know I am, and I know this article helped me!

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