Blind Dates…

And here we are; the week leading up to Valentine’s Day!  Love is in the air, with pink and red satin hearts on display in every store I enter (and they’ve been out since December 26th, am I right?), my inboxes jammed with offers from Pro Flowers, Shari’s Berries and any other floral/candy company I have ever purchased anything from, and Party City wants to help me have a “LOVE-LY” day! NJ Monthly Magazine is giving me tips on the best date plans for Valentines’ Day and NJ Family Magazine is advising me of all the ways to make the day wonderful and magical for my Abigail. I’ve received emails about wine and chocolate pairings, bonfires and brew nights, whiskey and candy flights- I even got a list of how to pair Girl Scout cookies with wine for a Valentine’s Day celebration.

What do I want to say to all of these well intentioned (sarcasm, much?) advertisers regarding this over abundance of sweet suggestions?  Well, February 14th is a Wednesday night, the start of Lent, and, let us not forget…A SCHOOL NIGHT!  So, unless Abigail’s teacher is waving the weekly 12 spelling sentences that are assigned each Wednesday, I pretty much know what I’ll be doing on February 14th, and I am doubting it’s going to involve whiskey. (Although, those spelling words are getting harder…) All jokes aside, I do appreciate all the extra love in the world on 2/14 each year, I helped Abby make homemade cards for her class, I made sure to send my nieces and nephew a little something, and I have a Hocus Pocus fleece throw and a Porg from The Last Jedi all wrapped in red to give to my little sweetheart on Valentine’s morning. (Abby loves Star Wars and Halloween, so she will truly love her gifts!)

Working in an all girls school and having attended an all girls school however does make me sensitive to those young ladies who many not be receiving candy or roses on this particular day.  And so, this year, I have come up with a solution for my Siena Honors English class…in order to ENSURE that each of them has a date on Valentine’s Day.  Yes, this teacher/Head of School will be bringing 14 dates to English class that morning, so each young lady can choose who she wants to go on a blind date with that evening.

Parents, don’t pick up the phone yet to call my office and ask if I have lost my mind from eating too much candy.  My students are going on a Blind Date With A Book  from February 14th to February 28th. A Blind Date with a Book is a hand wrapped book, carefully curated from a wide range of popular genres that is tagged with intriguing clues alluding to the book inside. I along with my partner in arranging blind dates (my mom, a former English teacher and principal herself), have selected 14 works that we truly hope the young ladies will read and enjoy.   

For the duration of the assignment, students will be reading and writing reflections with headings such as “First Impressions”,  “ Appetizers”  “The Main Course” and “Would You Go Out Again” (meaning, would you read another book by the author?) Then, the students will carefully repackage their “dates” and gift another SDA lady with a Blind Date With A Book. This Valentine’s Day, my 9th graders and I are going to work to spread the love…of reading that is!

And parents, if you’re looking to get involved, check out this amazing website,  I may just have plans on Valentine’s Day after all…I wonder if they deliver to my Kindle!

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