If We Couldn’t Laugh…

It’s that time of year where we celebrate mothers- those women who REALLY deserve to be celebrated every single day of the year! While I am sure many of us, myself included, are able to collect a hug and kiss every night- all the hugs and kisses in the world do not fully repay all that we do in order to make certain our children’s worlds revolve and remain in perfect orbit 24/7- 365.

I wonder, when my mom had me (GULP) 41 years ago this July, did she have a sense right from the start that I was going to be a bit of a handful? Did she look past the mini tantrums, the occasional back talk, and the eye rolling that at times can persist until this day and see that I had the traits of a leader-someone who will speak my mind and who will work tirelessly to help others? I am hoping so, because as I now deal with the mini diva living in my house, I am trying hard to put things in perspective. The dramatic hand to the forehead look of shock when I say no more chocolate, the hysterical weeping if I even suggest that her Woody from Toy Story doll remain in the car while we run into a store, the hands on hips stare off when I announce it is bedtime, the tireless singing of “Let It Go” early on a Saturday morning…can I smile to myself at all of this and look to how it will shape her for the future? Well, I can try and most days I do try. Does anyone else foresee a career in the Dramatic Arts for Abigail??

The point being, my readers who are mothers and grandmothers…did you look to the future and see who your children would become? And more importantly, do your children recognize that you were shaping their lives for the better, even as you praised or scolded them?  All of us who are mothers do that, I think. We see the amazing amount of potential in the tiniest human and from the first moment of motherhood, we take on the arduous and sometimes trying role of shaping that little one so that he or she will grow far beyond initial potential and do wonderful things.

I know in my heart, just from being at Saint Dominic Academy, that every girl in this school has someone in her life loving her, seeking out the best for her, and at times, correcting her so that she can go forth and set the world on fire. And, moms of teenagers, I know what’s to come…but any insight would be helpful…. Just how many sleepless nights will I have in the future? Her first date? Her first time borrowing the car? Prom?  And if I ask my own mother, she will say the sleepless nights never really end and I know that to be true. She worries about me, she has spent a lifetime of caring for me, just as all of you do with your own children and just as I will always do with my daughter.

Motherhood is a never ending job, and a very hard one, and yet, I am willing to bet one that each of us relishes and savors and truly enjoys. As Mother’s Day fast approaches, please collect extra hugs from your children- they are so well deserved! Please know how grateful I am that you are such inspirational figures in the lives of each girl at Saint Dominic Academy. And please, maybe just for Mothers’ Day weekend- give yourselves a break. Laugh at the eye roll, smile at the tantrum, blow a kiss to the rolled eyes and content yourself with the knowledge that someday, some tiny human will be giving your daughter the exact same behavior!

 Laugh, laugh, laugh, moms, because,  as I learned very early on my journey as a mother- If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane!” ( Jimmy Buffet)

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