Labor Day Prayers…For All

As we at Saint Dominic Academy prepare to open wide our doors and welcome back the young women in grades 7 through 12 for another year of learning, service, friendship and commitment to God, I ask that all who are a part of the SDA community take a moment to join me in prayer.  Reflect quietly on the men and women who have committed themselves to the ideals of Saint Dominic Academy, who labor here each day, tirelessly working to shape the lives of young women who will one day change our future world for the better. Please lift your voices and hearts in prayer for the Board of Trustees, Administration, Faculty, Staff, Parent Association and Alumnae Association members, without all of whom, Saint Dominic Academy would not be able to continue to grow, thrive and accomplish great things. For all of these people, who take one more day of rest today before returning to do God’s work for another  year, let us pray…


Bless, O God, all who labor.

Whether they are compensated by paycheck, prayer, or pride, let them know their true worth in your eyes.

May all at Saint Dominic Academy b e gifted with a sense of service to the common good and graced with the satisfaction of a job well done.

We thank you for all who chose to belong to the workforce at Saint Dominic Academy;

Their work provides education, protection, comfort, healing, kindness and relief.

They work tirelessly for your goodness and glory, O God.

Send your light to shine upon them always.


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