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I was way back when it was on, a huge devotee of the television show L O S T. Yes, I will freely admit it; I have the L O S T encyclopedia at home and any young lady who has passed through my Siena Honors English class knows that “fear only gets five seconds.” Over the past few weeks, I rediscovered L O S T on my Hulu and decided to give it another go around; it had been a long time since I visited the island, got involved with “The Others” and discovered that Desmond might truly be the world’s constant. If you were a fan when it was on, another visit is recommended. And, if you for some reason were lost while L O S T was on and did not get to know Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hurley, Charlie and the rest of the island crew, then I recommend heading over to Hulu to watch now.

And yet, what has caught my attention the most is how much a person’s perspective can change as we grow older, grow wiser and our lives move in different ways. When I first watched the show, I was an ardent despiser of the character of Michael, father of Walt (who is ten years old when the plane crashed on the island.) I was not alone in my dislike; most fans could not stand Michael; stubborn, thick headed at times, and solely focused. He had no sense of teamwork, minimal sense of how to take other’s feelings into consideration, and looked at offers of comfort and help as affronts to his ability to parent his child. When he did something truly terrible ( no spoilers, I promise!) at the end of a season, I was shocked and appalled by his behavior, but not surprised. After all, in the early seasons, wasn’t Michael supposed to be one of the characters we never really warmed up to?

This time around, almost ten years after the show ended, it is amazing how my perspective has changed. I was not a parent when I first watched L O S T. I am now. And that changes everything! Now, re-watching, I see Michael as heroic, single minded in his determination, yes…but his determination is to ensure that regardless of what happens to himself or to any other adult, his son is kept safe and is able to somehow find a way off that island. (Does he or doesn’t he? You’ll have to watch!) I tell you this story, not because I wanted to blog about L O S T, but because it truly struck me how my perspective on something could undergo such a monumental change in less than a decade.

And so, that thought led to (as if often does) other thoughts about changing perspective and as I write this blog to be published on April 29, I have our class of 2019 in mind. For their perspective, and yours as their parents is about to undergo a monumental change as well. That shift in perspective, from high school student to young adult out in the world, and from parent of a girl in a uniform to parent of a young woman heading off to college is quite a shift. When you sent these ladies to us, many of them wore ponytails and braces, still looking like their 8th grade graduation photos. And they themselves saw children when they looked into the mirror. Four short years later, what a different perspective each of our graduating seniors must have; on themselves, on what they want to do in the future, and on life itself.

These past four years have been years of growth and change for each of our young ladies and as they finish their very last month of high school, it is astounding to think that they have celebrated so many victories, overcome so many obstacles, and had so many varied experiences in the past four years. Every situation each girl encountered during their time here at Saint Dominic Academy, whether it was a friendship forged, a heart broken, a successful college acceptance, or a failing grade had an impact on the young woman who is now heading out into the world. How we see these young ladies has changed from 9th grade until now. Imagine, for a moment, how their self perspective has changed over this time!

I know, as a mom of a girl, that the young lady who graduates in a month will always be your little girl and that perspective will never change. Take the time, I encourage you, during the month of May to talk to the beautiful young woman who is about to embark on her path to young adulthood; ask her how her own life view has changed during these culminating years and what her dreams are for the future. I hear your daughters talk…they have amazing things to say! Let their voices over the month of May leave a lasting impression on you!

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