The Eve of the Ring Ceremony…

Tomorrow night, the members of the class of 2021 will officially become upper class women at Saint Dominic Academy. They will gather at Saint Aloysius church and prepare to receive the school ring, a symbol of their “official” transition. It is an exciting event for our juniors; coupled with their Ring Dance which will be held on November 7th– just a few short weeks away. Today, as they reflect on their past two years here at Saint Dominic Academy and look forward to what the future holds for them, beginning tomorrow night, all of us here at the school will keep the young ladies of the junior class in our prayers. It’s a big step- the beginning of the end of high school. 

Tomorrow night, I will use my brief remarks to encourage the girls to use the rest of their time with us at SDA wisely, and then, go forth and change the world for the better. After all, although it seems impossible, the members of the class of 2021 only have about 19 months before it is time for them to head to Saint Aedan’s Church to graduate from high school. 

In reflecting on what I want to say to these young women, I did a bit of thinking about the symbol of the ring in regard to the ring ceremony. Rings…very important things, are they not? These little circles. We all wear at least one, at one time or another, right? However is the ring ceremony event really about the ring inside the box? Or is it about something more…something that the circle represents? That eternal circle, no beginning, no ending, unbreakable…a circle that can never be destroyed. 

The true meaning of the Saint Dominic Academy Ring Ceremony is not for the young ladies to go home with a new piece of jewelry. Rather it is for all of them to move forward as upper class women at Saint Dominic Academy, after two years of forging friendships, of getting to know each other, of having ups and downs, petty disagreements, moments of angst, joys and tears, to finally reach that moment of maturity where their circle is fully forged…unbreakable…no beginning, no ending…just the bond of the class of 2021- the memories already created and the ones they will create over the next 19 months. 

That’s what the Ring Ceremony really about; the substance behind the symbol; the event is not about the ring, but about all the ring represents- it’s this class’s own unbreakable bond of sisterhood, a sisterhood that has been rooted in the Catholic Dominican tradition for 141 years, a sisterhood that will live on in their hearts long after the class of 2021 leaves Saint Dominic Academy. That’s the purpose- for these young ladies to forge that circle together and after the ceremony ends, that circle can never ever be broken or destroyed. I know you will join me in welcoming the class of 2021 into the role of upper class women at Saint Dominic Academy and commend each of them on the lasting bond of friendship they have forged with each other.

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