Tricks of the Trade…

Those of us in the education “game” know well that there is more to teaching than just the three R’s. (reading, writing, rithmatic…as the old rhyme goes!) For those of us who teach to truly motivate and inspire the young minds gathered before us each day, we have to do way more than merely quote Shakespeare or recite the periodic table or place the Pythagorean theorem on the chalkboard. (Do we even have chalkboards these days?!) It’s no longer enough to know what the green light on Gatsby’s dock symbolizes, or who won the Battle of Yorktown, or the theory that early birds were descended perhaps from dinosaurs. Knowledge is, of course a gift that we who teach have, but our job is not only to turnkey that knowledge over to our students, but rather lead them toward the vast connections that can be made both across a genre of study and inspire them to want to learn more about a myriad of given subjects.

Within the walls of private education, we have been given a gift- the gift of NOT having to “teach to the test.” I know for certain that the men and women teaching in the classrooms here at Saint Dominic Academy are gifted educators, grateful for the opportunity to make their daily lessons and yearly curriculums active, engaging and most of all interesting to the young ladies sitting before them. I am in awe of what I see in our classrooms during the year: an Escape Room based upon A Midsummer Night’s Dream!, a crime scene worthy of CSI set up in ELAN!, robots that walk across the science labs! Cross curricular hikes between English and Science class! Connections between classic novels and contemporary music! Day of the Dead altars in Spanish Honors! Trips to French restaurants where only French can be spoken! The list goes on and on…seemingly endless in its creativity, its desire to tap into the minds of the students, to attune them not only to the lessons found between the pages of a text, but rather, the connections those lessons have to the larger world around them. 

I applaud the teachers at Saint Dominic Academy; their bold and engaging classes, their embrace of the unconventional teaching methods, their desire to have students truly develop a love for learning and an appreciation for every subject they are exposed to during their years of 7th -12th grade. Our young ladies are being given more than just a paper and pen education when they come to SDA; they are being given a thought provoking and creative educational experience- one that they will never forget and one that will serve them well all the days of their lives.

Cheers to the faculty and staff at SDA! May their creative juices never run dry and may their classrooms always be filled with energy, excitement and engaging lessons. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all you do for our students!

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