May 17

It took way more than “just a pinch of pixie dust” to get here, but we are here at last. This coming weekend, May 21 and 22, will be Saint Dominic Academy’s musical production of Peter Pan. This is the fifth production directed by Ms. Stephanie DeSarle and as if flying off to Neverland was not a hug enough feat, this year’s musical is all virtual- pre-recorded and streaming through an online platform. No small task at all, our cast and crew has been working since December, recording vocal tracks, acting silently while the tracks were dubbed over their movements, and then recording individual scenes via Zoom, all for a seamless virtual production. It’s been a task like none we’ve taken on before and the entire production has been done in house, using the skills of both our Director and our student performers and stage crew.

With students from four different schools participating in our show, we are looking forward to a magical two nights in Neverland- leaving our safe nursery where Nana loyally guards the “Darling” children and flying off to a land where warriors protect Lost Boys, where pirates lurk around every tree stump, where crocodiles tick tock and animals march, where Pan vows to never grow up, but finds himself becoming the protector of his young “family”, along with Wendy and the infamous Tinkerbell. For a show that touts a song called “ I Won’t Grow Up”, as I worked with our cast, it became more and more clear to me that the story truly is about growing up—certainly for Wendy, John and Michael, as they leave the safety of London to have a magical adventure of their own, for the Lost Boys, who realize maybe having a family is better than playing all day, and for Peter Pan himself, who finds the strength to let his friends go home to London, even though he desperately wants them to stay with him. 

For all of us who have had to let go, of our childhoods, of a safe place, of a secure position and venture out into an unknown world, this musical strikes a chord with us. Here at Saint Dominic Academy, where we truly BELIEVE in the power of girls, I ask that you clap your hands for us, not only if you BELIEVE in fairies so we can save Tinkerbell from peril, but if you truly BELIEVE in the power of our students abilities to bring joy to your lives through their performances. 

And how do you get there? It’s simple—second star to the right and straight on till morning. Join us on May 21st or 22nd; ticket information is on our website and social media pages. See you in Neverland! 

Peter Pan Cast and Crew

Peter Pan – Alyssa Fuentes

Captain Hook- Maximillian Rueda ( Saint Peter’s Prep)

 Mrs. Darling, Starkey – Isabel LeCompte

 Mr. Darling, Tootles – Isabella Betancourt

 Wendy Darling- Reagan Mattiello

 John Darling, Noodler – Luke Mullins (All Saints Catholic Academy) 

 Michael Darling, Jukes – Salvatore DeSarle-Scarpulla (Sayreville Public Schools) 

 Liza, Nibs – Carolina Quito

Smee – Abigail Degnan (ASCA/Homeschool) 

Tiger Lilly- Miya Morrison

 Warrior, Cecco – Lyeba Jadun

Warrior – Thasha Balraj

 Slightly, Curly – Keira Ang,

Jane, Twins – Elle Mullins (All Saints Catholic Academy) 

 Nana – Cole Mullins

 Illustrations, Animations – Madison Russo-Alesi

 Virtual Stage Manager – Jennifer Parra

 Virtual Stage Crew – Grace Dirkin

 Virtual Stage Crew – Persia Valdivieso

 Virtual Stage Crew – Elizabeth Rodriquez

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