June 28

When Abigail was a toddler and young child and she outgrew something- a jacket, a pair of sneakers, a sweater…I’d say to her “What happened to my baby?” Her response never varied; she’d always reply “ She turned into a BIG girl!” And today, as I start my sixth year as Head of School at Saint Dominic Academy, that truly has become a reality. While she’s been a part of the school community in one way or another, with the Dominoes, in the musicals, and just a presence since age three, today my “big girl” begins the Rising Leaders program at Saint Dominic Academy and I could not be more excited or proud. 

This summer program, geared for young ladies in grades 4-8, has been an exceptional one since it was launched some time ago. Curricular offers vary from year to year, but what never changes is the overall sense of self confidence, self worth, and empowerment that is fostered in every young woman who comes through the program. Those who attend one summer are always likely to return again the following summer and we find ourselves welcoming more and more of our Rising Leaders program alumnae into our 9th grade each year. 

For the summer of 2021, our program will run from June 28th to July 22nd, and feature three days of comprehensive and engaging classes weekly as well as one day of field trips and workshops each week. Classes will include: Film Studies, Art Studio, Robotics Workshop, Fitness Fun, Girl Power and Leader Life…all geared toward young women between the ages of 9 and 13. Each year, I look forward to being on campus for the duration of this program and seeing the young ladies, bright smiles and excited giggles as they explore all this program has to offer.

This year, it will be especially moving and emotional for me, as I will watch my own child navigate the halls of SDA; the halls I hope to have her walk one day in the near future as a student as well. While it’s hard for us moms to see our babies turn into big girls, it’s wonderful to know there’s a place like Saint Dominic Academy, who will help them grow into motivated, intelligent and spiritual young women, destined for success.

Welcome, Rising Leaders 2021!

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